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Hi, I'm Amber!

Where my passion (writing) is meeting purpose (ministry). I launched my site with one true goal: helping others to manage life with God leading. Re-branded in 2012, I started to share many of my life's trials and how The Lord has lead me through them and finding the meaning in them. I started the blog as a single woman, got married along the way, and also got divorced. 

With so many experiences I have gone through the last several years, I wanted to make my site my ministry. So here it is - transparent and all. I share self encouraging aspects of all areas of life: from singleness to marriage, divorce back to singleness, single motherhood and intentional parenting, budgeting, meal prep, vacationing, ministry and scripture insight, to workplace difficulties to friendship difficulties to even leadership.

As my website is labeled, Sincerely Amber, everything I write is from an honest and genuine point of view. 

I'm glad you have chosen to journey with me as I, too, try to maneuver and manage all God has given me with this life.



"It's not about what you been through as much as it's about telling others how you made it through." Sincerely, Amber

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