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If I had to write a blog ending the 2015 year, it would be this one here. I looked around and couldn’t believe 2015 drifted by, and as of now, I lived 342 days of this year. I had weak moments. I had struggle times. I had joyful moments. I had happy times. Some days I’ve had plenty to accomplish, and some days I’ve had nothing to do. But this year brought me to three key points I would like to share…

That there is truly an expiration date to your pain

Coming into 2015, I was still in a struggle going through a very hard breakup. The first half of 2015 my job was very shaky and unstable. In 2015, there were stumbling blocks, road blocks and uncertain times. Did I look like my pain? No. But did I feel the pressure and heartache? Yes. In the moments, I didn’t (and couldn’t) see how God was going to deliver me from it, but I still held on to He will never leave me nor forsake me. So in times where I wanted God to remove the thorn in my side, God told me He gave me enough grace to sustain as I lived through it.

Just like if we bump our head, scrape our knee or trip and fall over – there is pain for a little while. However, everyday healing takes place, and every day the pain lessens. There will be times where we want God to remove pain, heartache, headache and struggle, but God doesn’t work the way we would like Him to. But there is fact that God does not allow us to be in the pit for long. There is always the end date to the struggle- if it’s been a week, a month or 7 months, our current condition doesn’t define our final outcome! If we remain patient (fruit of the spirit) enough, we will see how the struggle helped us.

Always trust the Holy Spirit’s voice

It – does – not – lie. PERIOD. When we feel something is not all the way certain about a person, place or thing – it isn’t. I had to learn a valuable lesson this year, learning to always rely on, and trust when the Holy Spirit is speaking. People say ‘gut’ feeling, but we all know Whose voice is talking when we have those moments. I saw a quote that read your energy introduces you before you speak, and those who are in tune with God’s true voice can pick up on ‘energy’ and ‘vibes’ quickly.

I had to learn to always trust that feeling. I encourage you to always know that God is looking out for you and your best interest, when people and things are looking out for their own agenda. Be always loving, yet love from a distance when you know that something is just not right.

To be intentional – about everything!

About our relationship with Christ, about our goals in life, about our prayer life, about our relationship with others – it won’t work unless we do! We have to be intentional about making things happen! We have to be intentional about waking up a few extra minutes to start your day with prayer. We have to be intentional about making (and keeping) time spent with family and friends – despite times where we want to be lazy and unproductive. We have to be intentional about our dreams, and make preparations to manifest those dreams! We have to be intentional about keeping promises – and not finding excuses for our behavior! We have to be intentional about our attitude towards unwanted circumstances and trying circumstances. We have to be intentional! We have to get up, shake ourselves off of defeated behavior (laziness, entitlement, excuses, procrastination, complaining, contentment) and GO!

In the words of Oprah Winfrey about taking responsibility for our own individual life:

As I walk into 2016, I am taking these lessons with me to help me through the next season of my life. God requires us to learn in this season to help you in the next season. I pray that all of what you have learned in 2015 will be applied to your next and greater years! Be blessed and happy holiday season!

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