2017 Has Taught Me

The best lessons come from experiences. Here are some of my favorite lessons that I have learned through the 2017 year…


Always, always, always trust the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Some call it the “gut” feeling – but whatever you call it, it is almost NEVER wrong. And always, always, always ask for the Holy Spirits guidance as well. You will be surprised at how much you steer clear from a lot of things you would otherwise put yourself in. The Holy Spirit will also show you what YOU need to do based on the path that He has for YOU. It’s a beautiful thing to wait to hear His voice, on even the simplest things.

You HAVE to go through good and bad seasons – they are a part of life so might as well strap up and enjoy the ride. But also know that seasons end as well. So enjoy each season for what it is and just prepare for your next. You don’t have the ability dodge bad seasons – so stop trying. When you abort the season, you will have to retake it eventually.

Pay attention to the people who are there with you at your lowest. When you see people disappear – either physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally – those are the people in your circle to really watch out for. But the ones who are really with you are the ones you need around you.

Discernment is truly your friend.

To stop expecting from people, and expect from God! Sometimes we expect certain things from certain people. But when you submit to God, and know that He is your provider in ALL THINGS – He will never allow you to go without a need – even if it comes from unexpecting people, places and situations. That includes the love you want, the affirmation you need, the friend you always wanted. I’ve truly learned He will send you people to give you whatever it is that you need. Look for God always to show up on your behalf.

You don’t have the ability to change someone’s heart – so stop trying. You truly have to give people to God and let Him deal with them one on one.

Every level in your life requires a new and BETTER you! God will deal with you differently on each level, and will show you His love at different levels. You cannot have a level 1 mind in a level 3 season. It will not work. And you will most definitely keep going in circles on that level until you pass.

Know YOUR obedience and/or disobedience is tied to someone else. It’s always greater than YOU. Don’t risk someone else’s life because you are disobedient to what He has called you to do. Continue to be obedient in what He has said concerning you so your life can bless others.

….and lastly….For HIS glory (I repeat, for Gods glory) you will have to go through some tough and icky situations. You will have to be alone, and sometimes stand alone. You will have to fight, when men tell you it’s not worth the battle. You will have to look stupid, crazy, and foolish to others. You might have to be in pain. You might be pressed on every side – but His glory is worth it all. Some may not get you, and others may not perceive what steps God is leading you towards – but in the end it will go towards Gods glory!

Peace and Blessings this holiday season.

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