40 Days of Christian Relationship Fun & Dating

Let's face it, we need some good "clean" help and fun with our relationships while we are dating. Christian relationships are a delicate blend of corny but cute. The "getting to know you" phase is challenging enough. But with these ideas, you will have a more fun way of getting to know a person while you are still living for Jesus!

They are below! You may also download your copy here. Happy dating!

  1. Start a conversation about your future goals and how you plan to go about them

  2. Send a “I’m very proud of you” text for something they shared with you

  3. Send a “Thinking About You” text

  4. Plan a date to go to an outdoor place or event

  5. If they had a not so good day, send a kind text to cheer them up

  6. Check in with them on someone they care about “How is ____ doing?

  7. Plan a cooking date you both can make together

  8. Virtually Watch a Movie on the phone together

  9. Plan a date night of board games and pizza

  10. Send them a sweet or silly song that reminds you of them

  11. On a nice day, plan a date to just walk in the park

  12. Let one day go by without talking on the phone

  13. Start a conversation regarding their favorite scripture and why

  14. Learn about who or what motivates them

  15. Say a prayer with them or for them

  16. Take a drive to nowhere together

  17. Make a picture naming the reasons why you like them

  18. Take a relationship quiz together

  19. Apologize for something they said you did that hurt them

  20. Watch an Inspirational Movie together and talk about the movie

  21. Pick a project around the house you can do together

  22. Randomly share something you admire about the person

  23. Compliment them on a feature you like about them

  24. Go on a date with another couple

  25. Surprise them with a gift

  26. Plan a day where you two can take each others photos as a photoshoot

  27. Celebrate a silly milestone in your relationship

  28. Notice something they overcame and tell them how proud you are

  29. Photo tell: Scroll through your phone photos and tell about your experiences

  30. When you find a moment to be critical / judgmental of them, stop yourself

  31. Introduce them to something you love (Like a type of music, church, food)

  32. Visit a festival together

  33. Drive to and visit areas around the city / town that means a lot to each of you

  34. Start a conversation about the evidence of God in your life

  35. Write a prayer letter to God about the person, praying for their life

  36. Do a crossword or word search one afternoon

  37. Tell them one thing you have been trying to work on with yourself this past year

  38. Make a collage of photos that you have and text it to them

  39. Role Play: Each of you take turns impersonating the other when they are moody, mad, happy, excited, frustrated

  40. Ask them one day is there anything they need a helping hand with and if it’s in your power to do, help them

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