A Lesson from Biscuit Making

I wanted to start making homemade biscuits. So I asked my mom how to make them. She supplied a simple recipe for me to follow. But looking hindsight, I didn't follow exactly to the "t".

Originally the recipe called for flour, vegetable shortening and milk. Simple enough. I used the flour I had in the cupboard, followed the directions and tasted the biscuits.

Not what I expected. I looked at the flour container and it was all purpose flour, not self rising flour.

I tried again the next week. I got the self rising flour this time, followed the directions and tasted the 2nd batch.

Still, it didn't taste quite right. I looked and searched where I missed a step. There, on direction number 2, the recipe said:"Cut the shortening in tiny pea sized pieces in the flour."

Well, I didn't do that, but I made sure the shortening was well blended in by mashing it in. Or did I?

I tried the 3rd time the next week, I followed the directions to the specifics with every step, not over or under pour. I tasted this third batch.

I finally got it! I was finally able to make homemade biscuits from scratch, actually tasting good enough to eat the entire 7 little buttery biscuit batch in one sitting!

You know what, I learned a valuable lesson too.

Just because we have the ingredients, it does us no good to short cut or use nothing but exactly what recipe calls for. To make sure the batch of biscuits was edible, I had to slow down and make sure I followed every step carefully and intently.

The right ingredients, prepared the wrong way, will still yield wrong results.

Sometimes, we have the right ingredients in our hands, but mistreating or mishandling it will not give us the right product. We have to go back to each and every step God gave us to make sure we did exactly what we were supposed to do.

God will give us the ingredients (tools) to follow His recipe (the process) to get His final outcome. Just like Joshua and bringing down the walls of Jericho, when the Israelites finally entered the promised land, Joshua and the Israelites had to follow God's specific instructions. If Joshua went around the walls 6 days, or used drums instead of horns, they would not have inhabited their promised land.

My Bishop has always expressed, God is a God of specific instruction. If God shared it's going to be blue, and you go and seek get an aqua because the blue is taking too long, we are being disobedient, because God said blue, not aqua.

Following His steps, His way, will get us His results.

Check out our fun time making biscuits (done the right way) below:

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