A Love Lesson

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

It’s easy for you to love someone when they are loveable and easy to love. When they give you the butterflies and excitement in our stomach, or the flowers for no reason, or the gushy and mushy googly eyed conversations… That feeling in you wants to love them with all we have at that point! This is because we are taught daily to think that love is a feeling, to treat  others the way they treat you- to love others on the condition they love you.  Love for love.

Contrary, however, God says love is action. So the hardest thing humans are compelled to do is love someone who is not so ‘loveable’. Love requires continuous action, even sometimes above our own will and desires. God whispered to me one day, “If it helps another brother to experience My love, You have to be willing to do what is necessary.” Love for Love. Love for hate.

Some define it as agape love, but I simply just call it love, because personally I have adopted God’s love as the blueprint of love.  According to this article, “Agape love…It is the most self-sacrificing love that there is.  This type of love is the love that God has for His own children. This type of love is what was displayed on the cross by Jesus Christ.”

Sacrifice… something we know too little about because sacrifice requires us to be unselfish. Sacrifice requires us to think about someone/something else before ourselves. Sacrifice sometimes hurts our ego. Sacrifice sometimes hurts our pride. Sacrificial love is giving up what we really want to do, for those we ‘love’.


Love is the destruction (process of causing much damage to something that it no longer exists) of your own desires, thoughts and puts the needs of others before yourself. (Phil 2:3). You destroy your own self in love, therefore, when you destroy yourself, you no longer exist! The real lesson is learning that I have to love  – even when I don’t think the other person deserves it! I still have to push my conditional ways away – and replace it with Gods unconditional love.

I’m learning this. I’m practicing this. For the sake of love, I have to give up my need to be right, for peace, because love is Peace. For the sake of love, I have to give up my impatience, because love is Patient. For the sake of love, I have to give up my need to be mean, because love is Kind. For the sake of love, I have to give up self-gratification, because love is selfless. For the sake of love, I have to give my need to give up, because love is endless.

Love requires work – therefore it cannot exist if you don’t work towards it! Too many people now days are expecting what I call ‘lazy love’.  That is wanting a relationship that comes very easy to them, with little to no work required – meaning they don’t want to evolve past their own comfort zone, they are not willing to press through problems and they are letting go very easily.

I meditate on 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 weekly, if not daily, first thing in the morning because I want to make sure I’m walking in these fruits of love. These verses challenge me in ways you can’t even imagine, and convicts me in areas I still need to work on. I pray this over all who reads this, and learn the blueprint for the greatest love there is.

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