A Mom’s Weekly Planning Survival Guide

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

If you’re a mom like me, you would like any convenience possible to help facilitate motherhood.

I am a single mom of one and not only I’m her mama I’m also her most of the time play date. Play date meaning: drop everything and play in the tent, color, twirl and dance with her, play catch me and play grocery store. And while Im playing food needs to be cooked, clothes need to be cleaned, dishes need to be washed, mama need to be washed...

You get the picture.

I am at a cross roads between the mom I want to be and the mom I can be. And while my child will continue to be a child, I have to prioritize my week intentionally and diligently.

Here‘s my list of conveniences that help me get this motherhood thing under control!

Every week, I start my planning the Thursday or Friday before.

#1 Organization of My Week I purchased a Family Organizer Planner to help me with organizing my weeks and days. Writing out my weeks events helps me to 1) keep track of all activities and 2) helps me remember the weeks events. The organizer I purchased is great, but there are several out there for your individual liking.

The organizer also helps me plan my weekly meals and provides a space to jot out my grocery list! What’s so cool, I can go back to previous weeks to copycat when I’m stumped on meal planning and prepping.

Pinterest also helps me with meal planning and prep. Some meals can get mundane, so Pinterest helps me add some spunk to everyday meals.

(Speaking of Pinterest, the platform is GREAT for age appropriate activities and games and things to keep children busy.)

#2 Online Shopping

Grocery pick up has been my best friend! On weekends I know I wouldn’t be able to grocery shop, I shop online and pick up my groceries between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon. From my experience, online shopping from the actual store and pick up has been the best experience. (The online services that choose shoppers to go to different stores has not been the best experience.)

Also, my experience with my grocery store, I can shop and clip coupons all in the same gesture! It’s a total win!

Every now and then, I will take my daughter to the grocery store. She loves the experience in the shopping carts and driving. However, if I don’t have the time, online shopping is my go to.

Check out my Vlog here about how I organize my life: https://youtu.be/mpFE7l9GCck

#3 Meal Prep Sundays

I cook the weeks meals after church Sundays. I try not to stray from my Sunday meal prep experience unless the recipe calls for cooking the same day (example: quesadillas).

Cooking Sunday saves me headache and heartache during the week. The relief, that after a hard days work, don’t have to go home and cook a full meal that night. It also saves me time during the week I can spend on something else (example: time with my daughter.)

I normally cook 2 to 3 sets of meals for dinner for the week, in smaller portions of course, that last us until Friday. I factor in her visitation days with her dad. (For instance, if it’s my weekend with my daughter, I tend to resort to a pizza Friday nights and wings and lighter foods for the weekend If I can help it. Most of the time, we eat out on the weekends. Weekends that I don’t have her, I tend to eat up what’s left of The weekly meals.) I also cook my workday lunches and breakfast during Sunday meal prep.

During the week, we just warm plates and go!

Now in a perfect life, my Sundays will be filled up with Church service and meal prep, but not every weekend is the same. Sometimes I have other obligations, a Sunday gathering with family, or meeting you with a friend. In this case I would start my prepping the night before and maybe finish by quick cooking Monday evening.

These three things have tremendously helped me in my organization and planning. It can get a little mundane and I have experienced some mental fatigue on extra strenuous weeks. However, I am never at loss of how my week will go or what we will eat.

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