A Rough Start

Isn’t it amazing that the son of God, Jesus, came into the world in a rough and dirty start?

Let alone, poor Mary and Joseph, being somewhat outcast in their own town trying to make everyone believe that they were chosen to carry the child of God. Then to top it off, for Mary to have such an unpleasant childbirth experience – in a smelly, cold and dirty stable surrounded by animals. Remember, there wasn’t epidural injections or pain medications back in those days. So she had to endure all the natural pain all a while it smelling like a zoo!? And Joseph probably going bananas trying his best to keep her comfortable and calm.

I have not had the pleasure to have children yet, but I can’t imagine any woman in this day (or in America that is) who could and would endure such poor conditions the day she gave birth.

(Read More of the story of the prophecy and Jesus Birth in Matthew 1: 18-25 and Luke 2: 1-20).

Jesus’ sole purpose for living was to die for humanity. The greatest gift to us from God! Not the 5 bedroom house, or the dream Camaro, or the 6 figure salary dream job… because these ‘blessings’ are just the residue of our obedience to Him. But the greatest blessing we have received from God is Jesus! And since God planned for Jesus, He planned also His birth, and the conditions of His birth: He could have chosen a couple who was already married, He could have chosen a more wealthy family where they could have afforded some care and for suitable conditions for a healthy child birth. God could have chosen Jesus to be born in another town or city, but Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph, in a barn, in the town of Bethlehem.

God chose two strong people to carry His plan. He knew Mary would be ridiculed and abandoned by many, but He also knew that Mary would take care of the Promise. God knew that there would be no rooms available to them that night Jesus was born, but He also knew Mary and Joseph would ‘make do’ with what was given to them in the circumstances. God knew that the conditions would be rough, smelly, cold and foul while she was giving birth, but He also knew that GREATNESS didn’t have to come from perfect conditions.


In Romans 8:18 Paul says “…our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” What does this mean? Well, it reminds me of Reverend Paul Jones in the song “I Won’t Complain”. In it,  he sings:

So I ask the question Lord… Lord, why so much Pain? But He knows, what’s best for me!

It’s very hard, trust me I know, to see past the confusion, hurt and pain you are experiencing. It’s difficult to see beyond our human emotion, beyond what we feel, because we think we are justified by they way we feel. But I challenge you to question yourself: “Why would God make the conditions perfect for me? Why would He do that much, when He gave the greatest gift for humanity (Jesus) through a rough start? Why would I be so lucky as to not go through anything, but still receive His glory.. to still receive what He has for me? Why would I think that to get to Him, there would not be type of stretching, pressing or going beyond my comfort? Why?

I think that question alone puts our pain into perspective, just a little bit.

Be blessed this Christmas… and remember the real reason why we celebrate this holiday.

(hugs, hugs)

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