Am I Doing This Right?

Yet again, another tantrum.

I'm finding myself in the middle of several of these lately. My daughter and I square off in the messy two bedroom apartment - clothes mountains everywhere. She doesn't want to eat nor take a bath. I have patience for one - but not both. I know the terrific twos have been manageable thus far, but each tantrum seems like it brings me back to square one. Every. Single. Time.


I've bragged on the fact that my two year old toddler has been very manageable. Not perfect, but definitely more good days than bad. But when there is a bad day - it's a bad day. Some days, I cannot bring myself out the funk until I arise from sleep the next morning. The attitude and the expression coming out of this innocent two year old body has me questioning my two year old experiences - was I her?

The question of am I even doing this right always surfaces in these times. The battle between the head and the heart do I let her starve because she doesn't want to eat or do I continue to get her to try anything to fill her little belly so she won't go to bed hungry? I've tried both and both is as equally exhausting.

The thing about it - I never want to put my daughter in a space where she feels like she can't express her feelings to me. I never want her growing up thinking what she say is unimportant. How she feels MATTER and I want her to definitely know that. On the other hand, when do I start to discipline and let her live out the consequences of her actions? Whether it's going to bed hungry because all 5 dinners cooked wasn't good enough for her pallet that night, or maybe allowing her to bump her head on the wall after repeatedly asking her to stop twirling?

Am I parenting right? Or is it really a right way to do it?

As I rely on God for strength during this time, I heavily rely on Him for guidance. He has expressed that anything we ask according to His will will be granted. Because motherhood is according to His will for my life, I can ask for strength and guidance for my little girl and He is faithful to give me just that! After all, He formed her even before conception - who better to ask than the One who created her? With this said, He has comforted me with these tools:

  1. Frustrations will come, but He has equipped me with the tools to get beyond frustration - whether to exhale in the moment, walk away, or even bite my lip when I want to scream

  2. She is a toddler and she hasn't matured in development in her brain to know she's being outrageous and frustrating. She is still in the selfish phase until she learns through time.

  3. As long as I abide in God, nothing will overtake me too much because His strength will kick in!

As far as the question goes, I may not do everything right - but I have the best Helper on my team!

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