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I was invited to be a guest to a church (Greater Works Apostolic Fellowship in Lithonia, GA) for their annual “No Secrets” event, Friday February 13. One of the women I grew to know a little personally invited me to share my story, my testimony, and to dance. At first, I was very honored, even shocked maybe to be asked to come to their church. She told me “Girl your dancing is anointed! I want to know if you want to come and share your story? I know only about you and (ex), but maybe you have others you would like to share as well.”

Yes, I was excited, but then a feeling of anxiety grew over me. I got the “OK” from my pastor and God to go ahead, but was I ready to face this for real? Face the fact I was going into my (ex) church, and in front of the people who knew about our relationship? And tell everyone how I went from a place of brokenness to wholeness? Was I ‘for real’ ready?

But God told me to go ahead. So I had a little over a month to get ready, in which I had the perfect song to dance to. Dancing was not a problem. (Even though I still get a knot in my stomach each and every time I go up to worship before God through dance.) But speaking? I am not very good at! I didn’t even know what to say! Do I rehearse? Do I not? But then I thought, It’s my testimony, you don’t rehearse that! The night came and went, and I am pleased to share my [short] story to you. (below) My testimony is 10 years in the making, this is only a snippet of how I got through a recent breakup.

As you see, He doesn’t waste your tears & pain, He can use them to help someone else~

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