An Answered Prayer from an Unexpected Place

Most times I really wonder – does God care about my cries to Him?

I’ve been praying to God about the mountains of problems, hurts, disappointments that have been in my heart. The things that weigh on me. The things that trouble me. And just one thing happened this morning that made me smile, and reminded me that God is definitely hearing what I am expressing to Him.

A package delivery guy was making small chat with me, since I haven’t seen him in a while. Last time we saw him at the office, he showed all of us a video of his granddaughter while he and his wife kept the grandchildren over the weekend.

“You said you had a daughter, right?” he asked as he scanned in the packages.

“Yeah, my 8 month old daughter.” I smiled as I received the packages.

“Yeah, so, you already mastered a full time job huh? This is your side gig huh?” He laughed as he walked out.

“You bet!” I laughed.

You see, that may be small chat to some, but what it was for me was a confirmation of my prayer to God.

Or maybe another time a week ago, one of the ladies from my church said something beautiful to remind me that in her eyes, I was “superwoman.” She said I did an excellent job coordinating and being hands on at her wedding – all while being pregnant. The words she said, even though she joked, spoke to my spirit to affirm one of the things I had been praying, crying and worrying over.

In a Psalm of praise in Psalms 66, verses 17-20, the psalmist worships:

“I cried out to Him for help, and I praised Him. If I had been hiding sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened to me. But God did listen to me; He heard by prayer. Praise God! He did not turn away from me – He listened to my prayer. He continues to show His love to me!” ERV

I love how the verse says He continues to show His love to me! An answered prayer is God’s love shown to us, but not the only way He shows love. I have thought to myself plenty of times The Lord probably don’t like me right now. He has turned away from me.  And God sometimes have to remind Amber through simple answered prayers Amber I am still with you.


And God answered my prayer cries through the unexpected people. You see I’m learning, sometimes confirmation, affirmation, love, support, provision, protection doesn’t come when and where we expect it from. But as we look to God who is our ALL – comforter, friend, lover, supporter, provision, protection and more – He provides the where and when of what we need. Even if it doesn’t come from where we think it should, know God is listening to your concerns of your heart and He will provide at His discretion.

Psalms 37:4 (one of my favorite books and the bible and the first bible verse I learned ever) proclaims: “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires and petitions of your heart.” Merriam-Webster defines petitions as an earnest request or something asked or requested. Google defines a desire as a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. God is hearing our secret request, wishes, your wants, your desires, your longings, your feelings – God is hearing all of that! Aligning our wants and desires with His will – God grants them!

Whenever I get defeated in thought that God doesn’t hear me, He sends a rainbow, or a person or a devotional that affirms that a) He hears me b) I am doing WELL in my walk and c) to keep going. I thank God for loving me so much, He sends unexpected places to calm my worries. More importantly, I thank God for opening my eyes to see that the little words, small conversations, pats on the back, rainbows and friendly smiles are from Him – they are in places that some may overlook as an ordinary day. But God, even though small, have placed Himself in these small and unexpected places.

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