Application Is Key

My Bishop constantly says before preaching his message on Sunday “You can buy the best brand of lotion, but if you don’t apply it, you will always be ashy! You can come get the Word, but if you don’t apply it, or apply it fully, you will have some areas of your life that will always lack the needed moisture.”

You can go to church, take up a seat, agree with pastor, shout “AMEN!” … but if you go home and revert to your normalcy (contrary to what you have heard & learned) – you aren’t maturing spiritually. You aren’t growing – you’re just doing the church thing to say you’re saved.

I don’t like when people say “I go to church”… because that tells me what you do, as an action. Even sometimes I see people do church, meaning taking part in the service ritual, shout, say  AMEN when pastor hits home on a topic. I can’t also help to also notice that when the word is going forth, we agree with it when we think someone else should be applying what is being said, and not us.

Church really doesn’t define if you are a Christian or not, and that’s a blog for a totally different day. But I’m here to say – if you don’t apply true sound doctrine and teaching in your everyday living you’re being worthless in the Kingdom of God. I really hate to say it that way, but God wants us to apply biblical teaching to everyday living. What good is it to just see church people being “churchy” to other church people? What good is it for light bearers to be light to other light bearers? God  has called us to be light to where there is darkness. That’s everyday situations:

That’s in the workplace

That’s in relationships

That’s in family & friendships

That’s in the strangers we encounter

It’s happened to me, where in the trenches of life everything from my memory and what I know better to do goes out the window, and want to force my own will on how it should be done. I believe we all have been there or are there now. I mean, what good is it to keep going getting word that greatly benefits your life as a whole, if you don’t want to apply it when it’s needed most? The Word was written to edify you spiritually so you will know what you need to do when times of temptation and trial hit you. But when you aren’t applying what you know to do, I mean what good is that?

I’ve learned that when you have a true encounter with God, you don’t want to do the same stuff you’re used to doing because it doesn’t  interest you anymore. When you’re tired of the same results from “you doing you”, is the first step of realizing that you can’t do this walk alone. There are certain things we have to adjust in our daily living to reap new outcomes – and it starts by applying what your getting from true sound biblical (non emotional) teaching.

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In James 1:22, we find out some things regarding our spiritual walk:

“Put the word into action. If you think hearing is what matters most, you are going to find you have been deceived. (VOICE)”

#1 – Edification of the word comes by listening & doing. So find a great pastor & teacher who knows how to interpret Gods word to help you accelerate spiritually.

#2 – Only listening to what we have to do to survive won’t get you far – you have to do what it says.

Let’s put into practice what is preached!

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