Believe in Your Prayers


Ever feel God doesn’t hear you when you pray? I know I have had times where I have prayed and I felt like God was just staring right back at me, saying not a word. And I’m like, “God are you there? Are you listening? Are you hearing me? Hello?!”

And He is just like, SILENT. But you better believe that God hears you!

I know that prayer works, from personal experiences and stories of triumph and victory. People have seen before their very eyes family members and friends salvation in Christ! People have seen before their very eyes, marriages that were superbly mended together! People have seen before their very eyes MIRACLES of healing and life brought back! People have seen before their very eyes, addictions ceased! Personally, I have seen so many changes in heart and behavior patterns from those that are & were in my circle. I have seen my lights and gas stay on, when there was NO WAY I thought it was a possibility. I have seen me survive off of $10 for 2 weeks! Nevertheless, I am a walking prayer! As many times as I have ran from my calling in God’s Kingdom, the Holy Spirit within me led me right back to church.

Personally, and more importantly for me, I have seen an increasingly good change in the way I live and how I act, especially towards others. That’s because of my prayers for myself and the prayers from those in my circle. I never once, in my past, prayed for myself to have a pure heart, a good attitude and to be the woman God has called me to be. Why? Because I thought I was all that! I thought I didn’t need any work done to myself because I was good in my eyes. I prayed for others, and for their attitudes to change, but I never thought Well Amber, you could use a change too! And once I started to pray, I gradually started to change. Little by little, but I started to evolve. The Holy Spirit started talking to me more and more daily on the things I needed to say or do: Well you really shouldn’t say that! Or You should say I’m sorry. Or Since you like her hairstyle, you should compliment her. You should really help him out. Yes, give them a dollar. Or You need to gone ahead and let that go. It was so many simple thoughts that kept bombarding me throughout the day. And sometimes I acted on them, and sometimes I didn’t because I thought it was just a thought. But it was really God helping me. And then I get hit with a daily ministry email confirming the things God spoke to my heart about! (Check it out!) And all of this manifested with many prayers over the course of 1 year!

I shared my personal testimony to say this: God hears us, so clearly. One of the reasons I believe that we think God doesn’t hear us is because we asked for something for ourselves or others, and God is trying to work on another area. While we are trying to fix 1 thing, God says this other thing is way more important than what we want now. When I first came to Christ in 2012, I wanted the DRASTIC change in my life. I prayed to Him, hard and long to get all of the mess out: to get all of the sin, the wanting to sin, out of me. I wanted that genie God… the God that answered prayers as soon as I finish praying. Like in a snap! But since then, God has worked on me little by little, rebuilding the foundation instead of the roof.

When we pray for that new car, are we really in a position to get it? I mean, yeah you want something of your own to drive in, but are you content with the bus ride, or are you still complaining about it? Are you even in a position to put gas in the car or keep it maintained? Keeping it clean? What will you do with the new car? Will you give those in need a ride if they asked? Will you be selfish with it? Yeah, God hears you with your request, but when you pray for it, remember, He works on YOU too, not just your request! Just something to think about.

The danger in not believing that prayer works is that we lose hope, lose faith in who God says He is, and also manage to try to handle things ourselves. Because we are human, we operate in the physical more than the spiritual, by nature. And when we don’t physically ‘see’ God doing something, and working it out, we get impatient, and be like forget it, I”ll do it, geez! And when we do that, God backs off, because this is saying we can handle our situation better than He can. And that really shouldn’t be the case if we know who God says He is.

Mark 11:24, which we declare every Sunday at my church, says, “…whatever you ask for in prayer, believe you have received it, and it will be yours!” So believe that God hears you, your prayers and is working on the answer He wants to give you. Remember, anything we ask God, should not be for our own personal glory, but for His glory.

Have a great weekend 🙂

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