Believe the Best, not the Worst

"Well, you know, I give the benefit of the doubt..."

Well, I didn't want to give him the benefit of the doubt. The facts perfectly lined up with what I thought, but yet in that conversation I was humbled when my sister said these words.

Talk about conviction.

I shrugged and said "I guess," but deep down I know I should have been doing the same. You know giving the benefit of the doubt, but my flesh didn't want to.

The Word says love chooses believe in the best in people, even though the worst is who we know that person to be. As we think on things that are lovely and good, we tell our flesh to sit down and obey the word of God. Don't get me wrong, we may not romantically love that person, but Jesus instructed us to always walk in love with your neighbor.

If you are choosing to believe in the best, you are walking in Christ's love in real time.

Believing in the best is not tossing aside discernment and wisdom, but it is hoping that despite who and what you know that person to be, that this time is the time they are choosing to be the best version of themselves. It's so much easier said than done. Even moment decisions can be a quick eye roll or a negative thought. Here is where we have to train our mind to say Hey I choose to believe the best this time.

Choosing to believe the best allows us to free our clear our mind for the moments to follow during the day. Do you notice that every time you have a complaint about something, your mind and thoughts have a trickle effect throughout the day... like a spiraling down funnel? Then your whole day is consumed with less positivity and more negative (over dramatic creating all type of scenarios) thoughts. Who has time for that.

What if in reality that person isn't being the best? Well, my friend, that is not up to me or you. They must answer to that at a later time. As you choose to believe God for the best, you can also choose to believe that God will take every broken vow made to you very seriously. More weight off your shoulders! You serve a God who holds your everything, and even cares about the broken promise, the mind manipulation or even the simplest lie made to you! At this moment, you can say a quick prayer that "Lord, as I choose to believe the best in this person, I pray the intentions are matching up with their words."

Simple as that.

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