Care During COVID - 19

If you are (and were) like me, 2020 was a very stressful year just trying to maintain life during a pandemic.

Your physical health was attacked. Not to mention your mental, emotional and spiritual health were also attacked. With the pandemic going on, and what the pandemic has caused in our homes - its a blessing we maintained a level of sanity enough to continue to maneuver through our day to day.

But the question is how do we even care for ourselves?

I don't have a broad answer. However, I would like to share some of the things I found to help me stay as strong as I can physically, mentally and spiritually. Here they are below:

Physical Care

Over the counter meds and vitamins have helped me during this time. Along with my daily vitamin, I have bought a super green capsule I take everyday. About every couple of weeks I pop me in some Alka Seltzer to keep my body alkaline (along with alkaline water). I also started making gallons of green tea (refrigerated) for my daughter and I to drink along with our regular apple juices packed with vitamin C's. Stretching has helped me have quiet moments alone and gives my body relaxation before bed. I love baths, so I started taking more baths in Epson salt to relieve tension in my body. Also, my face steaming routine (placing my face over a pot of boiled water for 10 minutes) has helped clean my face and also opening my lungs.

Mental Care

Therapy by a professional. I am a believer in professionals helping you get through some tough life road bumps. Expressing your concerns with someone licensed to help you is such an under rated experience. Turning away from social media has helped decrease what I mentally ingest daily. The more we ingest the anxieties of this world, the more anxious we become. Most of my anxiety and fears are broadcast so widely on the world wide web, I just shut it off. Think of ingesting mentally harmful things like you do physically. Too much of harmful media (junk food) is not good at all. I also play relaxing music on a TV in my home. Ambiance in our homes is so important. This year, most of us started working from home, so the spirit in our home greatly impacts us and our family. Jazz, Classical or Worship music are my favorites to play as I clean, as we eat and as we sleep.

Spiritual Care

This goes without saying, but staying connected and present with our church or fellowship can greatly help you and impact our week. Virtual or in person, being there and being present while attending is everything we need for a spiritual refresher - every week. We have to be mindful not to take the virtual side of things for granted by having a sermon playing in the background while we are doing other things. Being present and hearing what God has to say every time during a service helps your life. Praying, even when you don't feel like it, helps cast your cares to God even if you are doing it crying - our tears are the prayers we can't vent.

I hope this helps you as I found it has helped me!

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