Co-Parenting When You Just Can't

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Let it be known - divorce is not easy. But when you have to go through the shares property, the divided property, the liabilities and the assets - yes dividing your property is the greatest challenge.

No greater asset that you have to share is the dividing of your children's time: their precious time. Their love. Their attention. (It’s sad enough the marriage doesn't work out. The inevitable hope and the dream when you first said "I Do" is now shattered as you try to figure out when you stopped caring about even trying to make it work.)

But your child. Your kids. Your precious children who now get to grow up into a normal: “I go to two different houses and it’s OK.”

Now for the real part. After the breakup is over, the very first first attitude any ex lover or ex spouse should have toward parenting now should be "How can my child(ren) now have the best life moving forward?"

Some may say “well only with me will my child have the best life ever” but so many factors go into the thought of now having to think for your children. We have to look through the lens of a life in reverse now. Think to yourself - how my child could turn out if he/ she only had one parent in their life- one perspective, one vision and one voice in their ear? Am I prohibiting my child from my ex because of my personal experiences?

Then on the other hand, let us not negate the fact just how hard it is be amicable at least after games, pettiness and foolishness an ex may put us through.

I know it’s hard! It’s hard. And there is no way to describe the hardness so I simplify it by saying “it’s hard.” As divorce or breakup becomes real in a relationship, it can open up the door to spite, anger, bitterness and resentment. Sometimes even the urge to get even.

But I dare to share my experience with you in my video blog below. It's a personal testimony of my going on 2 year divorce and how co-parenting became a little easier when I focused my eyes on our daughter, and not who I was co-parenting with. I hope you enjoy my 25 minute VLOG.

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