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I just so happen to love the comparison of having a relationship with God as to having a relationship with any other humanly being.

I was driving one morning feeling disappointed, hurt, misunderstood and confused. I asked Jesus, “Was you ever disappointed in people? Hurt by them? I mean, You knew what was going to happen anyway, but in the moment, did You feel hurt, of any kind?” I’m very sure this happened quite often to Jesus. After healing the sick, blessing the poor… for them to go back into their own ways of living life. Us, too, presently we do this to God everyday. “Thanks God for the job. Now about to go ‘turn up’ and get drunk!” or “Thanks God for the house!” to turn around and live in promiscuity in it. Yes, this is what we do. Now, put those feelings on yourself and see how you would like it for a person to run to you when they need money, a place to live, help… anything, and turn around and act selfish, stuck up or even ‘brand new’ to you? Yes, we do this to God every day. While God trying to fight for an ounce of your 24 hours each day, how much does He really get? Honestly?

He just wants to have a relationship with you! Conversation every day. Recognition of the work He’s done in your life. He wants to know what’s bothering you? How can He help you today? How great you felt when you got that promotion! How awesome you feel just to be living today! Like a regular conversation we run to others to talk, while He is just sitting here, waiting.

But people say, “Well, I don’t hear God when He talks.”

The misconception about God’s voice is that people think it’s always this audible voice they can hear clearly. I prayed hard and long, to the point of tears, because I desperately wanted to hear God. Wanted to hear His voice. Wanted to know He was there. I wanted to know what He say I should do. The more and more I started becoming a believer and a follower of Him, the more and more I learned what His voice was. It as all around me, I just never paid any attention to it! ​He speaks through so many different avenues! Now I can hear His voice clearly, and often so strong I believe it’s very audible.

For instance, if you pray about something, and in a conversation with someone that same thing comes up, and a light goes off in you. Yes, that’s His voice! If you ask God for clarity, and hear a Word on Sunday speaking to that very thing, yes that’s God’s voice! If you ask God to keep you from people that are no good for you, and all of a sudden people start dropping out of your life, that’s God answering your prayers! If you pray for God to keep you safe from harm and you have that ‘gut’ feeling you shouldn’t go out on a particular night, yes that’s God too! When you are praying for a mended heart, and on Saturday night you feel the urge to go to church, maybe God’s got a Word for you that day!

He is all around you, but it is on your own free will to listen and act on it. John 10:27 (ESV) says “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” So many people get upset with God because they say He is not answering their prayers. But in reality, they are just ignoring when He’s trying to come through to them. I don’t like it when people blame their problems and situations on God, when it’s their own ignorance that has lead them to the life they are living. How hurt He must feel to get blamed for something He didn’t do, and really tried to warn you from? They, too, can be free in Christ, but they just fail to realize and open their hearts and ears to Him!

Once you shut out all distractions in your life, be dedicated enough to pray to Him every day, or at least acknowledge Him every day. He wants a relationship!

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