I just happened to see this YouTube the day after the Holy Spirit talked to me about conviction. This is what He said:

Instruction for your spiritual life comes by hearing and reading the Word of God. One simply cannot have conviction of their ways, lifestyle etc… if they ignorant to what’s right and wrong! Once the Holy Spirit starts feeding…. He, then, can tug on your heart by bringing remembrance to your mind what to and what not to do. But if you don’t feed your Spirit, you are prone to self-justify your actions on “why you live the way you live” because you are basing it on how the world lives… which is what you’re feeding yourself more with anyway.

Doesn’t this sound just like us? We self-justify our actions. We tell people what we gon’ do because we are grown. We tell people since it’s legal, it’s right. But we give no regard to what God say do. Why? Because we don’t read or listen (give one’s attention to a sound) to God’s Word. We don’t know what God says because all of the promises and fulfillment is in the Word of God! All the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ are in the Bible. Listening to Cornelius Lindsey the other day on Youtube, He said plainly in his message “Oh, we say we are ‘free’ in Christ, there’s freedom in Christ, but freedom has boundaries!” I really agree! The ‘freedom’ is the weight of the world that is lifted when you finally reverence that the Lord is your personal savior. Freedom is not going around ‘doing what makes you happy’. It simply isn’t. God’s Word is the Truth.

Conviction is from the Lord. Conviction is needed for healthy growth in your spiritual life. (Notice I said growth). Conviction keeps you in line to #1 hearing the voice of God and #2 keep you from a world of trouble later. John 16:8 (GW), Jesus plainly says that when He leaves the earth through the death, burial and resurrection, the Holy Spirit will now come down and be our ‘teacher’. In it He says, “He (the Holy Spirit) will come to convict the world of sin, to show the world what has God’s approval, and to convince the world that God judges it.” So in our terms, the Holy Spirit will convict you when you are sinning, will show you when you are right.” (Condemnation is not to be confused with conviction. This is what the enemy sets out for you to feel. As we know there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus!) I think of it as it’s Jesus walking with me every day as my personal ‘teacher’. I think if we look at it this way, that Jesus is walking with us every day, we wouldn’t do some of the things we do!

How can He (the Holy Spirit) let us know we are doing something God disapproves if it isn’t being fed? When we feed something it grows. Just like a baby. Just like a pet. Just like US. We wonder why we don’t feel convicted with a lot of things, and that is because we keep grieving the Him by the bad choices we make. Over, and over, and over again. Look at the two circles below. If this is how much we feed our Holy Spirit (little circle) and this is how much we feed the other junk (big circle), of course we wouldn’t be convicted of anything because He has no room to talk! We are drowning His voice by the voice of the media, our parents, our friends, our social media, our boo, our reality TV show, our boss, our coworker, our music… etc. When we are not reading what the Word of God says, and giving regards to the world and how it thinks we should act, the Holy Spirit has no room in our life, nor the conviction that comes with it. Conviction is the Helper telling us, NO. No don’t go there. No don’t do that. No you shouldn’t be here. No, this is not right. We get offended when we are told no, but the ‘no’ will lead you to a “yes” or “thank God I said No” later on.


Some people want to be helped and some people want to be set free. Shoot, some people just simply want to be saved! And this part, feeding your spirit, is sometimes overlooked as a necessity because we think we can be saved and still do the same things and fill our lives full of the ‘worlds rules’ and not Gods commands. But yet we wonder why we aren’t growing? For starters, we aren’t reading the bible and allowing the Holy Spirit to mature. How will we know the answers to your test if we don’t open the textbook and read it? So many people are being ‘spirit led’ like the YouTube said, but what ‘spirit’ is inside of you leading? Even if it starts by reading a bible verse every day, (Bible Gateway, daily devotionals) until it grows into reading a few passages, until it grows to reading a chapter, until it grows to reading 2 chapters, until it starts you journaling while you read… this is how the Holy Spirit can grow. That, along with having a healthy spiritual leader in your life to edify what you are reading, and help you understand the context of the way the scripture was written.

I believe too many people don’t like conviction because it moves them to change and experience God like they never have before. People don’t like to be told ‘no’. Also, there are too many getting the wrong impression that God is allowing us to ride the wave of life doing what we ‘feel’ is right. As long as we are a good person in society’s eyes, we are good right?

No matter how much the world moves and advances, the Bible doesn’t change based on that. The Word of God was the same in the 1200’s, 1900’s and now in the 2010’s… it doesn’t change. We should really get the true Word and grow the Holy Spirit inside of us. We can’t grow spiritually without His help!

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