Covering Your Workday with Prayer

"Lord give me the strength today." I've said this many times before I turned off my ignition and headed in to another day at the office.

Not that I dislike my job - I love the work I do.

It's normally the different personalities that I find myself not getting along with or that I don't too much care for. Certain types of spirits can drain you and drain your day. The complaining always spirit - the negative thinking and bad mouthing spirit - the over confident spirit - the smile in your face but turn around and talk about you spirit - the messy spirit: these are some of the personalities that can drain you if you aren't careful.

I've learned through trial and error that discerning this is your first step to workplace freedom. Acknowledging and identifying these individuals and listening to what God showed you about them, can really help you overcome them, finding peace throughout your workday.

Covering your workday is covering yourself first in prayer and then cover the entire workplace in prayer. Oh, not the selfish prayers! You know, the prayers that we ask God to remove this person from the workplace. No, no. The types of prayers that help you overcome even in the adversity. Prayers that there be clarity and peace among colleagues and that leadership understands workers and that workers understand leadership. The prayers of asking God you become and be a light in your assigned place of work.

Yes those types of prayers.

As we are on assignment, even in our place of work, we always have to cover ourselves in prayer asking God also for clarity and purpose during this time. Because, the job may not be the one we really want, but trust God that He has us there for a divine purpose. Meditate and pray on that, that you can fulfill that divine purpose while you're there.

Green Tea, Word and daily scripture at my desk

In my distress one day, I was seeking prayers for the workplace. I stumbled across this site that was very useful - giving prayers for all problem areas for work. Before, I only had one workplace prayer I hung up on my wall and my alone time prayers with God. However, I know some days we forget to pray that long prayer in the morning or in the car, so these are useful to have to pull out one day or when you don't have the words to say.

Surround your office area with Word. There's inspiration... then there's Word. Word has Gods power behind it. Inspiration is just what it is - inspiration. And do not get me wrong, I love inspirational quotes. I send them to my team regularly, but I know the Word, even spoken out, moves mountains. I have hung scriptures, as well as inspirational quotes, along my cubical walls. (Of course in a tasteful and professional manner). Even having something on your desk quoting Word, surrounds your area with unspoken, yet spoken, prayers throughout your day. As you work, the Word is working for you, surrounding you and covering you!

These two things for sure has helped me plenty of desperate days. Even stopping in the middle of my day to pray them again has kept me in tune with God and allowed His presence to surround me in that moment. Prayers in difficult times during the workday re-shifts your mind off your problems, and shifts it back to God.

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