When you should have been paying attention all along and now you’ve been fed to the sharks… That’s how I feel right now. My crutch has now been removed at my job and I have to actually survive on my own. That awkward moment when you realize you should have been paying attention all along.

Not sure what I mean? I’ll explain.

I was under a woman who knew EVERYTHING at my job – and now she is gone. And I realize just now she was my crutch!

if-you-always-have-a-crutch-you-dont-learn-anything-quote-1 (1)

She has been explainig things to us, little by little, time and time again she reminded us over and over information, tid bits and how tos. And even though we knew she was leaving – we wasn’t preparing – AT ALL.

The repercussions? Now I have to learn, remember and re-learn everything she has been trying to teach me! And it sucks! But I should have listened. I guess this is what having a crutch really looks like.

What is a crutch? A source or means of support or assitance that is relied on heavily or excessively.

Have anyone else been there? You relied on that one person for everything for advice, for comfort, for love, for strength – and now they are gone from your life? And you are left stuck picking up pieces, doing things for yourself and being independent? Well, my friends, that’s called building your STRENGTH.

How is one able to be independent and to learn if that same person is continuing to hold one’s hand? Take my daughter, for instance, who is learning to take steps on her own now. If I keep holding her hand, how will she learn she can do it by herself? Some falls and bumps, but she will learn to stand straight and tall one day walking on her own. But keeping her always in my grasp will never teach her she can, and must, do it on her own! (Even though my emotions get the best of me, with her growing up so fast and all! Tear drop.)

I learned a very vaulable lesson today: it’s good when people are here to help. But when it becomes your norm to keep seeking help over and over, and redundantly – without actually learning – then it becomes a serious problem. I knew I kept coming to her with, sometimes, the same problem even though she kept giving me the same answer. Instead of learning the answer, and not having to rely on her, she just became my crutch.

I’m laughing now thinking “so sorry ex-coworker, I should have known better!”

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