Updated: Nov 27, 2019


Boy don’t I get tired??!!

I’m sure some of you can relate to growing weary despite the “don’t grow weary” bible verse. Yes, it is probably easier to read and get motivated than to put into action of not growing weary in trying situations. Some bible translations transcribe Paul as saying don’t become weary, some say don’t become tired and some say don’t lose heart. But from experience, it’s difficult to persist when you become weary – or discouraged. Discouraged because the fruits of your labor isn’t turning. Discouraged because it seems like everyone else is winning. Discouraged because you just don’t see God’s plan or God’s hand in your situation.

I have been there. I will be there again.

I have been in seemingly hopeless situations, where I lost all hope in circumstances. It seems like I lost hope in God. That He wasn’t going to do what He said He would do. I questioned Him. I asked God how can You make a promise that You didn’t intend to keep? It’s taking way too long for You to do what I prayed about.  I was erratic, but my emotions were high and I wanted to listen to my logic – and not God’s voice. I didn’t want to pray anymore, I couldn’t find a reason why. I didn’t want to keep “doing what Amber knows to be right” because it wasn’t returned to me. I didn’t want to keep planting good seeds, because I didn’t see a harvest right away.

And this is when I started to grasp the wheel of my own life and told God to back up – I got this. Yes, we tend to satisfy our discouragement by taking the wheel, and removing God’s hand. Yes, we remove Gods hand by meddling in our own business. When we proclaim God as our Lord and Savior over our life but want to handle things our way we become the annoying passenger seat driver. This is how it looks to God.

Discouragement will take it’s place – especially living for the Lord – it will come! You may think “Lord, I am living for you, but people are walking all over me!”  or “Lord, I am living for you, but when will it be my time?”  or “Lord I am living for you, but all hell is breaking lose around me!”

Galatians 6:9 VOICE “May we never tire of doing what is good and right before our Lord because in His season we shall bring in a great harvest if we can just persist.”

What I can gather is that God wants us to keep going, persisting, no matter what comes or no matter what is done. No matter how hard it is, or how lonely it gets. No matter if your “doing good” is seen or not, God promises us a harvest because of our persistence and endurance. This also let us know that doing good is for Him and His glory, not us or fellow men.


  1. Of course God will always reward His followers, so with that, know that your “doing good” is an order and we must obey because we love God – not because we want an immediate harvest.

  2. Keep someone in your corner that will pray for you (and with you) and your persistence to keep going.

  3. Always know there is a cross to carry as a follower, and sometimes the cross seems too heavy at times. But because we love Him, we endure. So your “doing good” may be at some very inconvenient times for you, but this is the cross we carry.

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