Do What Makes You Happy….

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You guys, we, as the body of believers, really have to stop believing this phrase to be true. It’s cute. Encouraging. Motivational maybe. But God don’t require us to be happy, at the end of the day, He requires us to be HOLY. Happiness is an emotion. State of mind. Changes with the blow of the wind. One day you are happy, one day you are not. One day something else makes you happy, one day that something doesn’t anymore. Someone’s happy may be to slap everyone they come into contact with. Brutally honest, someone’s happy may be rape. Sick and perverted, but also true. Promiscuity can be someone’s happiness. This is the reason we can’t go around telling people ‘…do what makes you happy’ because your happy is not their happy. A believers happy is not a non-believers happy.

What will stand and remain constant is holiness, which doesn’t waver day to day. Which doesn’t change its definition depending on what day it is. Holiness can be very intimidating for those who have a pre conceived notion. What I thought of as holy was a woman dressed in all white with a cloth on her head singing hymns all day! Which was indeed very intimidating. However, when I think of holy now, I think of a repentant life, obedient to God and disciplined. Holiness is doing everything in your power to be pleasing to God, which requires submitting to His Will. Since we are God’s creation (given that we acknowledge God for our very own life), He has called us to be holy because He is. Let’s look at scripture.

Gods Call to Holiness

1 Peter 1: 15-16 NIV “But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.” 1 Peter 1: 15-16 MSG  As obedient children, let yourselves be pulled into a way of life shaped by God’s life, a life energetic and blazing with holiness. God said, “I am holy; you be holy. 1 Peter 1: 15-16 AMP  But as the One Who called you is holy, you yourselves also be holy in all your conduct and manner of living. For it is written, You shall be holy, for I am holy.” This scripture Peter was referencing to when God spoke through Moses to the Israelites after taking them out of bondage under Pharaoh. Read the old testament scriptures here.

If you ever have to question your holiness, picture in your mind God doing some of the things you do. Picture in your mind God saying some of the things you say. For me, I can’t picture God going around having sex with everyone. I can’t picture God smoking marijuana and going to parties. I can’t picture God getting drunk and having a hangover the next day, taking Tylenol. I can’t picture God walking around being a homosexual. I can’t picture God gang banging. I can’t picture God walking around bitter and mad all the time. I can’t picture God going around using profane & perverse language. It’s truly one of those what would Jesus do moments that we have to compare ourselves to.

Sometimes, in order to do the things of Christ, it doesn’t require our happiness, but our obedience. That means our obedience to Christ should outweigh what we feel like doing in the moment. What if we had to wait to be happy to do what He said to do? He (and we) will be waiting forever! But when you dedicate, or rededicate,  your life back to the Lord, and truly become a saved Christian, your happiness should be delighting in the things about Him anyway. Not doing what makes you happy but what about doing what makes Him happy? (We are not our own.)

I found 2 good articles online (Article 1 Article 2) that are good reads about happiness and holiness. I just think that we get confused that because we are a Christian, that we can live a life to just do whatever makes us happy. But God requires us to be disciplined and obedient. Something to think about. As an example, just because I want to wear a my favorite sundress, that is a little tight and hugging on my body, doesn’t mean I can. Even though I may not think it is a big deal, it might draw the wrong attention I don’t need in my life.

Just something to think about this morning. Be blessed.

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