Don’t Be This Person


Only courteous, sensible and understanding drivers move over left to the left lane when you are the car entering the highway. (That is if they have room to move over. If they don’t have room, they will slow down so you can merge ahead  of them.) But when you are a driver, like the one in the picture, who has room to move, but don’t, you hinder the person trying to move onto the highway! Only a few ways I can describe a person who doesn’t move over when there is room to:

a) you are comfortable

b) you are too lazy to get over

c) you are just an inflexible (unteachable) person.

I was driving home one night, and merging on to the expressway. Looking in my side mirror, a car, much like the one in the picture, was still going full speed ahead in the right lane, as I was merging onto the highway. Luckily I was able to pull into the oncoming traffic  just in time before driving on the shoulder of the road. As always, I look to see if the person, who didn’t get over, could have switched lanes. Yes, he could  have gotten over. But didn’t. Why, though?

God then revealed to me a fresh revelation right then and there in my car! You know He said people are like this spiritually, relationally, emotionally. When someone is trying to enter another person’s life, they don’t always necessarily accommodate to the other person. They want to stay where they are and how they are. They want to keep living in their comfort zone, and the other person will just have to ‘adjust’. Even when some people start walking with Me, they don’t move over and allow Me to do my thing in them. They think they know how to live with Me, walk with Me but they don’t see it’s so much to learn and know that’s beyond the surface things. They are unteachable. Yes, there is room to move and grow, but since people have to ‘work’ to move over (meaning they have to give up some things they love, they have to be disciplined and furthermore they have to be obedient) they rather not and stay right where they are. Then He told me Don’t be this person.

Yes Lord!

And I am telling you, don’t be this person.

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