It’s truly AMAZING to me irony in life. 


It’s like the people who ‘supposed’ to support you, bend their backs every way for you, do the most for you to show their care is somehow so distant.

And on the other side, the strangers and the distant people, the ones you’ve known for so little time actually do so much more. 

That’s why it seems like you can’t really expect anything from anyone anymore. So that anything you get from anyone is a true blessing. 

Expectations? Well according to Merriam, it is belief that something will happen or be the case in the future. Belief that someone will or should be achieving something. So we set expectations so high for people, and more often than not, we are let down. Just because of the simple fact they don’t make those expectations for themselves. So we are at an impasse! 

Work relationships, family relationships, friendships, boyfriends…etc. It has always been some type of let down. 

For instance, work relationship. I have been at my job for 5 years (in September) and there was a guy who came on last year. It’s just always seem that he is trying to be the ‘boss’ pet’. Trying to get in, suck up and build this relationship with my boss to be her favorite. It doesn’t bother me at all, because my main focus at work is to work. I don’t come to make friends, I don’t come to socialize at work. I am there to make my money. But I notice things because I am very silent, although I am cordial to everyone. But this guy threw me so under the bus one time, it really came out of nowhere! Just to save him from getting into trouble. It’s like, he came to me for advice but twisted my words to make it seemed like I advised something else to justify what he did wrong. No biggie because my boss came to me and asked and I told her the truth of what was said. But see? But I actually thought we were cool to an extent, but that’s because I put so much expectation on him. 

Another would be the expectations of co-workers and their main duties. Just because I expect them to be excited about work, excited about the principle of making money, doesn’t mean they really are. Any new business, I would think someone would hop on a new sales lead. But then I hear crickets. I expect most of them to get to work on time, but they get in ‘around’ the time they are supposed to get there. (in which my boss is very lenient, as long as you come in and work your 8 hours she sometimes say). But to me it is just the work ethic and principle of it all.

I said recently in a blog, I like to be pursued. I deserve some type of ‘chase’ after all the chasing I did over the years to men. I have put so much worth on myself to realize that I don’t need to chase no more. So what do you do when the person you expect to pursue doesn’t, but other guys do more to get my attention? 

Friends and family supporting you, what you do. As I recently gave my life back to Christ, it was uncomfortable at first because, honestly, I didn’t know how they would react to the news. How they would treat it and how they would treat me. But since I consider them a big part of my life, I always wanted to feel their ‘acceptance’ of my decision, sort of like a boost to me and let me know I am doing good. But I realize that definitely wasn’t the case, even though I expected them to do so. I saw that most of the family are still here, but some of the friends I don’t hardly hang or speak to anymore. I feel probably because they don’t know how to approach me anymore. Like I am unapproachable, nor will I like to have fun anymore. But still, deep inside I expected them to still be there.  But the newly found friends I have are probably some of the best people in my life. So supportive, encouraging, and full of love. 

It’s all in the expectations, I guess. Maybe it is a lesson to myself not to put so much standard on people. Maybe it is a lesson that I should not expect people to do what ‘I would do’ on any given situation. Because some people can’t carry the burden (for lack of better word) for what you expect out of them. 

So live life with no expectations….

This was going to be a facebook post, but got to be so long. Sorry 



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