Fighting the Battle

It’s just like us, wanting to take up everything that comes our way and fight! Oh, these bills are coming, let me find my way to get another part time job to pay them! Or Oh, they talking about me, let me lash back out at them. Or Oh, no, I ain’t giving this one up without a fight, he/she going to hear my pain & my hurt.

…but, I hear the Yolanda Adams Song “The Battle Is Not Yours” playing softly in my head as I am writing this. She sings there is no pain, Jesus, can’t feel. There is no hurt, Jesus, cannot heal. For all things work, according to the Master’s purpose, and His holy will. No matter what, you’re going through, remember God only wants to use you.

As we know, there is a slight unsurety in handing over your problem to someone that you probably haven’t got to know personally. We are unsure what God will do in the problem. We are unsure about how He will work it out. We are unsure about if He even has a handle on the situation. We are even unsure about how the problem will work for our good! Yes, it is hard. So many answers you need from God, who seems silent. Don’t you agree?

I have been there. Times, where I got impatient. Times I didn’t believe God was working. Times I didn’t believe God was doing anything! I was being impatient, being unreasonable, being stubborn. Then I would try to manipulate situations to try to  make them work in my favor. To get my way. To honestly help God pick up His feet and get to moving in my problem! Once I started trying to handle things my way, and what I thought God should do, I got in more trouble than I originally was in!

Who will fight for you?

Exodus 14:14 AMP The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace and remain at rest. Deut 3:22 AMP You shall not fear them, for the Lord your God shall fight for you. Deut 31:6 AMP Be strong, courageous, and firm; fear not nor be in terror before them, for it is the Lord your God Who goes with you; He will not fail you or forsake you.

I’m sure everyone has been to a play before right? There is a set intermission timed during the sequence of the play, normally right before the conclusion of the play! And during the intermission, you are asked to hold tight, go refresh yourself with some concessions and come back to take your seat. And while you are refreshing yourself, the curtains are closed, and there is some behind the scenes work going on. When the intermission is over, the remainder of the play commences on the set of a totally new scene!

How amazing God works in our lives just like this! Right when the climax happens in our lives, the curtains close and God does some extraordinary work behind the curtains. And during this time, He asks us to refresh ourselves with the Word of God and hold tight, because something is on the brink of your story, if you just be still and trust God is working it out!

The fight you handle is making sure you don’t give up in the wait. Wait for God to say, Yes. Wait for God to say, No. Wait for the outcome of your prayers. If we knew everything God was up to, there would be no reason for Him right? It puts us on the same level as Him, thus not needing his services. Like a parent who wants to surprise their child with a gift on Christmas, there is no excitement to be enjoyed (no glory given) when the child is with the parent watching as they wrap the gift right?


The difference between not having a relationship with Christ and having one — is not that we won’t have problems, but it’s the comfort & freedom in knowing you, yourself, don’t have to fight it. Jesus said that …in this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world! John 16:33. He never promised ‘no troubles’ but He did promise to fight for you, based on your faith that He will.

Be blessed.

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