Four Creams and Four Sugars

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

I didn’t know a cup of coffee would remind me – you have to follow up your words & promises with actions.

I was in the busy drive-thru lane at a popular chain restaurant. It was a foggy cold morning, and what would have soothe my soul would be a large coffee – four creams four sugars.

The fast food chain is a very popular spot because of the customer service that the workers provide. In my opinion, it’s a little more expensive than the rest of other restaurants, but I choose to dine there occasionally because of the warm friendly demeanor and the quickness of service.

The transaction started very ordinary.

“Welcome. May I take your order” the cashier outside asked. I gave her my order.

“Yes, may I get your name?” the woman outside asked. I gave her my name.

“Thank you. So I have a ….” She repeated my order. “… and a large coffee with 4 hazelnut creams and 4 sugars?”

I replied, “That is correct.” As I gave her my cash, I pulled my white SUV around yet to another register, where again another great young lady repeated my order back to me. “…. and a large coffee with four hazelnut creams and four sugars?” I told her that was correct.

Upon anticipation, I received my food from a friendly manager outside. “Here’s your sandwich, your coffee, creams, and sugars. Have a wonderful day.” I expressed my thankfulness and drove off to anticipate the first sip of coffee.

As I went into my bag and sifted for the accompaniments of my coffee, I noticed four creams and two sugars. Oh, what disappointment overtook me! I searched and searched the bag, and all I came up with was four creams and two sugars.

The assurance I received on multiple times was ultimately not followed up properly with action. Eh, it’s just a cup of coffee and yes, I will still drink my cup. But what I was promised was not kept – and oh what disappointment happens when promises are not kept.

The quote, “Judge a man by his actions and you’ll never be fooled by his words,” holds true. (I preferably don’t like the word “judge” but you get the message.) When you are so confident in knowing a person by what they do instead of what they say, I believe you truly know a person. Talk is sweet, and maybe great with promises – but the source of who someone is and their intentions is through action and not talk.

No, it isn’t a big deal – but a great lesson! As I began to think of life and how someone can tell you something, promise you something, or even assure you something –  multiple times – but if not followed up with action you are left to assume a person through what they do and not what they say. Jesus urges believers in Matthew 7:16 “You will know them (people) by their fruits (actions)”.

Never saying I wouldn’t go to that restaurant again, but the moral of the story: what you get is what is produced. You can touch what is given, not what is said.

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