Hard Times, Maturity & Development

A hard hit on the company, and we are losing our minds!

About 1 and a half years ago, the CEO’s made a decision that shaped the company’s destiny, and the employees have reaped the decisions the presidents made then. So now, as a company, we have to work twice as hard, and some had to do it with half the pay! People were cut, workloads increased, and above all, we were scrutinized very closely to the point of uncomfortability. When the company was good, we were good! Sales were going up and up every year, markets were expanding and our advertising was on a new level with Google. I mean we was having birthday checks for empolyees, Christmas parties and bonus’, seasonal games, lunches… etc. But oh, when everything started plummeting, everyone was going around seeing what we could do. So the heat was on the ‘money makers’ of the company (my department) to step up our game 100%, when we were giving already 100%.

So ‘training’ started taking place. We were given tasks & lessons on how to increase our sales, actual cold call sales and weekly tasks to report. We started getting ‘pep’ talks, and asked for new creative ideas… and in all my 6 years, we were never given that responsibility. Why? Because we were sitting pretty on money and money for days! It wasn’t an obligation to go and get money since money was falling into our laps. But when the going got tough, we were now developing in us what a) we should have been doing in the first place and b) what we needed to do to survive and make the company thrive again.

I believe that is a good example of what James 1:2-4 means… “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseveranceLet perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.


Sometimes people ask “How can I find happiness in hard times? How can I count it all joy when I’m going through something I didn’t sign up for? I thought this ride would be smooth, I don’t want to go through anything hard! Why hard times? God’s path is supposed to be bump free!

*straight face*

Yeah, I thought my job was secure but you see where I am! I am only in this season with my job because of my superiors love for money and their greed. But through this hard time for the company, I found that it developed me with skills and tools I need for a greater later! I could have easily walked away, got another job paying the same amount of money, that was more secure. But what would that have done to my development I needed to start my own business? Quit when the going gets tough? Quit because it was more work than what I wanted to do? Quit because it was asking me to stretch beyond what I thought I could do? I would have aborted the process for my development, and had to restart it over again. And going into 30, I know that time is of the essence, and I definitely would like like to re-start anything over again. I want to endure, so I can mature.

Maturity doesn’t come just by getting older. Maturity doesn’t come without endurance of tough times. There is something to gain from every mess we find ourselves in. There is something to take from every ‘test’ we have. There is something to learn from every suffering we go through. Trials are not in vain! They are not “just there”. They will come, especially you decided to dedicate your life to Christ! (They will come even more for that fact.) But this road is only for those who are not faint at heart. That don’t run at the sign of every trouble. That don’t go back to their old ways of thinking. That don’t ‘give up’ when the process gets tough. When God has called you to a place, you will get there (and survive in) that place only by where He is taking you through. We want to get to, but don’t want to go through. It’s just called development.

His way is never wrong, no matter what we face head on.

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