He Didn’t Bring Me This Far…

The song resonate in my heart “I just can’t give up now, Come to far from where I started from… Nobody told me, the road would be easy, and I don’t believe He brought me this far to leave me.”


(I just love the picture by the way.)

About a year ago, I revamped my blog to my journey as a Christian going through lifes ‘challenges’ and how I’m getting through them leaning on God instead of my own strength. And even today, I was deleting old ​Social Media “Notes” full of the same garbage I was writing about back then. ​ The cheating boyfriend. The backstabbing friends. The entertainment gossip. The cursing. The rudeness. I was really ‘lost’ in the world with no direction at all. I thought I knew everything. But I was small minded. (Very).

​And today, I was just like the guy in the picture, looking back at the long road God has brought me. Today was a BUT GOD moment. He makes all things new! The way I used to think, the mannerisms, the Miss “Know It All” kind of girl I was, yes girl, I wouldn’t ever dream to be where I am now, saved.

Jesus saved me, from the direction my life was going, which wasn’t at all ‘bad’ but wasn’t ‘good’ either. I realized, some of the mistakes in my past could have been avoided. But I kept going around and around in circles, wanting a different result but doing the same thing. Then, I was putting all of my business out in my writings… how I was hurt again, how I was lonely again, how every year I was going to make a change… and it never happened. I lived life the best way I knew how, and that was to be everything to everyone. I didn’t know who I was in the process, because I was living to please everyone. ​A long journey. A long road that maybe I didn’t have to go down, but nevertheless, it was my journey. God knew when and where I would be disobedient, but He still had a plan for my life. Reading my old blogs, I knew what God was all about, but I was never intimate with Him. I never knew Him​. And through these two and a half years, even if I wanted to turn back, I really couldn’t. There is no way I can turn my back on God. There is no way I could just say ‘forget it’! God has been really good to me, and brought me a lot of good people in my life, and even better, those people who stayed in my life.

And as today, I look back on a very long road, and figuring out what is this all for? And until you hear people actually tell you “…you came a long way from when I first met you”, you can then sigh a breath of release. If you are changing to follow the Lord, no one in their right mind can tell you that’s a negative thing. There were so many apprehensions and excuses I could make, but I was at a point where I didn’t care anymore. I really wanted to please Jesus. And when people you know, that knew you back then, tell you how much they are proud and happy for you as they see you now, it’s a joy that is unspeakable. I don’t do it for them. I do it for Him. But it is just nice to know that someone can tell yes, there is something quite different about you, than what I remember.

Act 20:24, Paul explains, “…my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace. (NIV)” We really testify about the Good News and His grace is how we live daily. Speaking on His goodness, and especially living like He has been good to you are the best ways we can continue on the race He has set in our individual lives. The tasks he has given us to do, the gifts he has given us to use. When you live this life, and continue, yes people will notice subtle changes; attitudes and mannerisms you used to have suddenly fades. You life becomes more pure. More gentle. Move loving – most of all.

I’ve been in circumstances where I have met up with friends I haven’t seen in a while and they are still thinking the same ways and doing the same things. And it is a complete turn off. I dare to question them so, no forward progression, huh? So I question you, if you look back, where can you say you stand today that is different from yester-year? How can you say you progressed? How can people say you have progressed? Have you at all any?

Something to reflect on while you are living this ‘life’. Life is about forward progression, and if you aren’t progressing forward, you are wasting the life God gave for you to live. God is all about progression. Not looking to the former things, but progressing forward.

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