I’m Tired of Doing Good!

The Lord spoke to me one morning out the blue, “The reason why my people get frustrated is because they grow weary of doing good.”

Immediately I went to that verse in the bible Galatians 6:9. Of all the translations, I liked this one the most:

“We can’t allow ourselves to get tired of living the right way. Certainly, each of us will receive everlasting life at the proper time, if we don’t give up.” GW translation.

I asked God why do we get tired of doing good?

He said, “Because everyone expects to reap right away.”


The reason why I like God’s Word translation is because it makes it plain for the believers of today we can’t get tired of living the RIGHT way. Even though the King James version says we must not get weary in well doing, everyone has an interpretation of what well doing means. Someone who isn’t necessarily a believer in Christ, though they may treat others in a “good” manner, they are not living the Christ like way.

And it is also true, we do one good thing and expect an immediate harvest, at the latest a day or so.

However, if anyone knows about sowing and reaping (in the natural harvest state), there is a season of sowing, and tilling the ground and then a season where you reap it. (See my blog on Seeds.)

When the Apostle Paul was receiving the Word from God when he wrote to the people in Galatia, God knew that frustration will come when you grow tired of doing good, doing the RIGHT thing and living right. That’s why when that feeling of “tiredness” come, the verse says we must not allow for us to become tired. We must keep planting good seeds, doing well in spite of pain and persecution.

Even writing this, God spoke that sometimes our reward is not on this side of glory, but the reward is in heaven. Even in this – are we brave and courageous enough to keep living right, even if we don’t see reaping on this side of death? Or do we want to see immediate results, or at least manifestation sometime or another on this side?

God said please get tired of living righteous for Me. We may not see the reward now, or while we are here on earth, but He promises we will see it one day. This is a test of faith, but it is worth it.


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