In All Fairness…

In my 6 years of employment at my job, I have been blessed to have endured so much training that I would later need in business and as well as in life. (See how great God works, if I had left a long time ago… like a year or two after employment, I would have missed much of the training necessary for my destiny!) But yet, so much I have encountered, endured and seen in the four walls of my building I believed has made me wiser. Overall, I experienced favor during about 3 or 4 company cut backs, received raises every year until 2 years ago and praise for a job well done most time.

However. In the endurance, I have also experienced unfairness and inconsistency. I have been yelled at, my character demeaned and actually ‘suspended’ for a couple of days because of protocol I didn’t follow.

But protocol differed on the day of the week, if it rained or shined, if she was in a good mood or bad or if the ‘higher ups’ were down her neck…and the list goes on. We never had a definite ‘rule book’ to go by, so we just adapted and adjusted to the new “rules” we were given during our monthly or bi-monthly meetings. While everyone looked around the table at some of the meetings with the confused/concern look, we held our breath, and continued to work with the adjustments.

As much as I can admire my boss for wanting the department to grow, and grow and grow in our sales, the integrity she had while doing it put me in a position to be my own ‘boss’. I couldn’t deal with the inconsistency, unfairness and the uneasiness of the job every day. While onlookers saw I got to travel & had wonderful events I was able to attend, the price I paid behind the scenes,  didn’t seem worth it at all at times. Some of the simple ‘mistakes’ I was put under for, I noticed my boss doing the same things. What she punished others for ‘stealing clients’ she absolutely did at times. When I was told I didn’t put together a proposal right, hers were more ‘dysfunctional’ than mines at times. But I never saw her ‘write up’ herself, or suspended herself because of it. In my mind I’m wondering Why is it that when the same thing I do wrong, you do, it doesn’t apply to you? That’s not fair. That’s not right.

So, I held my tongue, kept doing my job, and kept praying. Praying for a change. Praying for a way out. Praying for her. Praying for the CEO’s. Praying for state of my job. But, I still keep praying for her, because I know I may not have the ability in my own strength to change her and her ways, but I know a supernatural God that supersedes in the spiritual above the natural. In a sermon my pastor preached at another church one Friday night, he taught about how we operate in the physical so much, that we forget we have the authority to operate in the spiritual. I’m paraphrasing this, but there is hope in the supernatural, when the natural says ‘no’.

But, going back to my original subject, we may go through unfairness at times. When people of power manipulate the system so where no rules apply to them. When you feel that you are accused for a misunderstanding or a misjudgment. When you feel you are in a situation where standing up for yourself might cost you your job. Just know that “…God is not unjust so as to overlook your work and the love you have shown…” (Hebrews 6:10). What does this say? Some people may forget, some people may overlook, some people will be unfair and unjust. But God – He does not forget the work you have done. He does not forget the times you received no recognition, when you should have. He does not forget the hours you spent on a project. He does not forget the times you were loving and gracious when everyone else was not. He does not forget! As long as you continue to be fair and right. Psalms 106:3 “Blessed are those who act justly (according to what is morally right or fair; fairly), who always do what is right.”

Remember, it’s never about us.

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