It Don’t Take Much… | Liturgical Dance “Take Me to the King”

It ain't much

This song holds very very dear to my heart, Take me to the King by Tamela Mann.  Not because she sings it so awesomely, but the fact of humility, vulnerability and the desperate search for Him. (This was actually the first song I danced to liturgically in 2012, November (get that huh?). And two years later, I still can worship to this song. -My worship dance below.) I was desperate for God. I ran to Him out of confusion, hurt, worthlessness, inferiority – just UGLY. I told Him, I don’t have much to offer you, but if you take what I can bring? I offer you my heart…Please do with it what you will, but save me. I’m so tired!

We sometimes forget that to simply submit and to be in God’s presence, we give our heart to Him. We don’t have to climb up to the top of a mountain, go to the Holy Land, quote a number of scriptures, be named a deacon or pastor, speak in tounges… we don’t need all that for God to hear us and for God to use us. What He requires is our attention (the regarding of someone or something as interesting or important), obedience (submission to another’s authority) and a willing (ready, eager, or prepared to do something) heart.

You can be in church all the years of your life, but if you don’t have an attentive heart, an obedient heart and a willing heart, you are just taking up a space on the church pew collecting dust. You might as well be home, watching re-runs or something!

Isaiah 29:13: The Lord says: “These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is based on merely human rules they have been taught.

Fortunately, God is the only being who can see the heart of a man, and He will take that up judgement day with them. But as for Christians, we have to get our hearts in line with kingdom living and principles. It’s a ripple effect. Once we give our heart to God, He takes it. Then He molds it. Next thing you know, you stop liking the things you used to. Next thing you know, your attitude starts to change. Next thing you know, you will want more of Him. Next thing you know you will want to start pleasing Him more. Next thing you know, you will start talking like He talks. And then you go on from there!

Anything we go hard for, it’s because our heart is in it. Why not do the same also for the one who will save your life?

Be blessed.

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