It’s the Struggle…

I remember, I prayed to God that I would have enough money to not live paycheck to paycheck. That I would not give another generation in my family a chance to live above their means, but to be able to live within them and have more. I asked God for his instruction on what to do and how to live so I wouldn’t be able to do that. I prayed to Him for this. This was a priority of mines. To be able to live in abundance and his favor, to be the lender and not the borrower.

But I find myself in a rut, time and time again after having a flourishing summer with plenty of money, to have a depressing winter with no money at all. All my money was gone. Didn’t save up (of course) and didn’t have enough for a rainy day. Of course bills was to be paid, and anything left over would go to food or gas. During these times, I managed to live off of $20 a week. Bought necessary things, and put the ‘need’ to go to fast food restaurants away. I couldn’t think like that having no money. I trained my taste buds to only appreciate hot dog days. Grilled cheese sandwiches. I couldn’t afford to have a taste for anything else.

But then when the spring time hit, again, there I was off! Spending frivolously on restaurants, going out all the time. Going on EBay again and again, and AGAIN, to shop for the ‘wants’.

The cycle continued.

Then God told me “I bring you through those months of dry, hard places because I want you to Know what you can stand. What you are made of. To have you see your real priorities and to see what you CAN live without. Through these dry places, I teach you what you need. To trust you with much, I have to trust you with little. You will get what you have been praying for, just know it depends on you. When you pray, I want to give you what is going to last. I’m an eternal God, and what I want to give you will last, eternally.” And just like that. I woke up and faced my reality.

Knowing I don’t want a ‘quick fix’ to my money problem. But now, I can do what I need to, learning from my struggle game, and move on into being a successful money saver. I learned the keys all along, I just forget them when the going gets good.

Just a quick one that was in my heart for this morning.



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