Quick Rant… (or what it was supposed to be anyway). 

I talked with my auntie and uncle yesterday who leaves in Clearwater to catch up with them and to see how things have been. Then as we were rambling on… we got on the topic of ‘love’ and what is really ‘love’.

My aunt said that people have a misconception about love. That the feeling of ‘wanting to be around him all the time, and lusting after him’ is not LOVE. L.O.V.E, she said, takes work. It’s tested and it is proven.

Love is worked on. Love is not ‘automatic’. It’s not an ‘automatic’ feeling. 

So strange that the day before at the ladies (B’Raw) meeting, went off the subject to Love. Everyone shared stories. And there was a seasoned lady there who shared her experience. Her past: Abuse. And she said ‘that wasn’t love’.

Paraphrased, she said “the need to want to be around him all the time isn’t love’. 

As I look back when I was 18, 20, 22…. I really thought I was in love with the men of my past. Thought I really loved them and they loved me. Hindsight is such a beautiful thing.. because I acknowledge I was never in love before. 

I’ll take the wisdom… because as I keep living, the more and more things will be revealed to me.

#love #whatislove #wisdom

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