Last Piece of Cake?

Any one of my ladies remember that saying “If the guy you’re interested in, offers you the last piece of cake, then he’s a keeper”?

I don’t know why it’s embedded in me but in my mental, but when I fix my husband’s plate I always:

Fix it before mines

Give him the best pieces of chicken

Give him the “not so burnt” bacon

Give him the biggest fork

Give him more juice

And always see if he wants the last piece of anything.

PSA to Christians – always ask if someone wants the last piece of cake… figuratively speaking.


Servitude is always needed in the body of Christ. But real servitude is putting the needs before your own. In a self driven society, we are taught that we need to look out for our own selves. Our own needs. Fulfill our own objectives by any means necessary. We are taught that we have to look after ourselves because no one else will look after us. So we put ourselves before others. We walk through the door first and keep the door open for the next person walking through. We  click on our TV show first before asking what do you want to watch? We always want to talk first and talk over in an argument or discussion without asking what’s your opinion? Or we even listen to react and not really listen in a discussion. I believe that is totally opposite of what Jesus embodied. The way to show selflessness is doing the opposite of these things and more. Even though Jesus came to show us the way… He also did it in a way to not make Himself more important that the souls He were trying to save.

VOICE Philippians 2:4 “Get beyond yourselves and protecting your own interests; be sincere, and secure your neighbors’ interests first”

How to be a servant:

Possess and genuine and pure heart – a pure heart will show sincerity in actions and words

Possess Humility – humility a modest or low view of ones importance. When you think of yourself in that way, you already won! Not to think of yourself inferior, but to think of others with more importance than your own.

Look for the needs in others – always be on the look and listen for needs to be met (that’s within your ability). An encouraging word, a prayer, an act of kindness – all go towards serving another. Always ask “How can I help?”

Not sure my husband even realize what I do. But you know what, even writing this, I’m not sure if he is supposed to! I just know I am doing one of the things I can do to help serve my husband. As I take care of the needs of my husband, God in turn will take care of my needs. And guess what? In the big scope of things – God is really the only need provider and He provides way better than I can for myself – or even my husband can.

Be blessed and take an opportunity to serve someone today!

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