Learning Life Through Gardening

Love. Patience. Seeds. Water. Sunlight.

These are all ingredients you must provide for your plant to thrive. It's not an easy process. It's not a pretty process. But the result is worth it.

If you want to plant anything, you must plant it in love.

I learned that you cannot start with an uninspired heart - otherwise your actions following (rooting, planting, handling) will not be done in the appropriate attitude.

Just like anything you do, I am reminded that we all must choose the right attitude going into it, otherwise your actions will follow.

If you want to see the fruits of your labor, you must be patient.

As with any seed, the full grown tree is not matured the next day. Patience allows you to understand seasons and processes for your gardening. Some plants, veggies and herbs harvest quickly, while others are harvested and matured later in the year.

Much like life, patience will allow us to choose to be understanding of the concept of time. Even though we may want results as quickly as possible, we must go through the process to get our desired result.

If you want your plant to grow, you must feed your seeds with water and sun.

Plants wont thrive when you don't sow in ingredients for it to mature. Sitting a seed in some dirt and waiting for it to bloom without feeding it is useless. Any plant needs sun and water for growth.

We must participate in the miracle we want to see in our lives. We have to feed it what it require for it to grow and bloom. Starving your dreams but expecting them to knock on your door is pointless.

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