Let Your Words Speak Louder Than Your Words

…plainly – put your money where your mouth is!

Because of the shifting of things and ideals at my place of employment… everything has been totally transformed into a new way of doing things. Even though my old company was bought under, and as I am writing this, I realized it really became a new place of employment. So things had to change. According to the bosses, new ways of thinking, new attitudes, new ways of doing because the old way we were managing things clearly didn’t work.

As the changes came, so did the new team who was ready to rock the boat & ready to hit the ground running! We were introduced to my new boss, who was introduced as an excellent sales and client oriented guy… had done millions of sales, trained millions of people and was ready to get it moving. He was excited to meet us, and we were excited to meet him! We were ready to go alongside with him! In the beginning of his tenure, he was ready to make us some money… countless times he said that to me personally. He offered incentives for us, promises to fulfill some things we were needing & promised it would be a certain way.

But it didn’t take me long for him to figure out that he was really – just – talking. The fluff talk.

No intention of backing up his plan. No intention of remembering what he mentioned before. There was no intention in him. As my coworker was still hopeful – I began to see him for who he really was very quickly. The things he said, were never brought up again. The motivational speeches he made were really for his gain only. The things he even offered to us, was null and void. He started to contradict what he previously said to us. He even told my coworker she would get a pre-commission check for a $17K sale, but after sending him 4 emails and 2 texts (that were unanswered by the way) she gave up.

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All of the promises he made to us were basically empty. Empty – meaning lacking sincerity, idle, hollow, vain and worthless. When we call him to put his money where his mouth is, he cannot back it up.

When we are challenged, the things we say are put to the test – only when we are challenged. It’s very effortless to promise the world when we aren’t facing difficulty. I’ve noticed we can ramble a lot when things are good, when things are going our way or when things are complacent. But when it’s time to prove what we have been saying all along, I’ve noticed we can have a shift in behavior. The question is – will you back up the words you say?

The bible talks about this in ​Ephesians 5:6 (VOICE)

Don’t be fooled by people whose sentences are compounded with useless words, empty words—they just show they are empty souls. For, in His wrath, God will judge all the children of disobedience for these kinds of sins.​

​At some point in life, there will be times where we are challenged to back up what we have said, either by deed or word. We will have to take into account every empty word we say to people.​ Every false hope we give. Every manipulative thing we say to get our way. But sooner or later, the truth (and everything that really is in us and our heart) will eventually pour out of us.

I believe this is one of the reasons why the bible says to be careful of what we say to others. It will be tested on the high end and the low end to expose or reveal the accurate depiction of our honesty. Pressure reveals a genuine from the fake. So I encourage you to be sure that whatever comes out of your mouth is the whole truth, and not truth when it’s convenient. Let the words we speak in inconvenient times match our words in convenient times.

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