Living with the Same Standard

I am very observant.

So it’s no big deal when I remembered her saying “I mean, at least she can say good morning first!” We were discussing someone who came to her and the first thing out of their mouth was a complaint.

However the tables turned. The first thing out of her mouth to me today, was a complaint. No "Good morning." I already sensed it probably wasn’t a good morning for her. The way she carried herself in the building and her demeanor as she spoke. But I couldn’t help but wonder, “Didn't she mention this last week?”

I get it.

But the words we speak, we also must be. We can’t expect others to treat us a certain way, but on the other hand we don’t give the due respect.

This is called intentionality. We must live this daily as a reminder of the Golden Rule - We do unto others as we want them to do unto us.

I know sometimes, we get in our moments and it’s easy to forget being courteous, polite and understanding. In actuality, I very much think in those moments we think we are.

But if we live most often with intentionality, we will learn that the same standard we use against people will also be the same standard we live as well - or the same standard we will be judged.

So I extended grace to her that day (and said a prayer), because maybe she needed it and maybe, I will have a not so good day in which I will need that same grace.

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