Lord, Lord!


Is God really our Lord?

When we say “God you are my Lord, my everything…I surrender to you,” do we really mean it? Are we just saying it as formalities, because we hear others verbalize it when they wave their hands in worship? Is it something nice to say on Sundays during worship? Is it just we give God Lordship over our lives in the 2 hours in church on Sunday and live as though we are really lord of our lives Monday – Saturday? Do we really understand what Lord really means?

I looked up “lord” in dictionary.com, the word (used as a noun) means a person who has authority, control or power over others; a master, chief or ruler. When someone has authority over us, this means we have no authority. When someone has control over us, this means we have no control. When someone has power over us, this means we are powerless. When I think of the word lord, I think of the Middle Ages medieval life when a Lady had a lord over life (husband, father or even eldest son)  – nevertheless she respected him and his title over her. She didn’t really have a final say in her doings, but her lord did.

Fast forward into the new millennium, we have become more “liberated”. We are millennials in Christ. We humanized God to just be our “friend” instead of our true “lord”. I was listening to a sermon on YouTube one day and Pastor Cornelius Lindsey touched on this a little in his sermon “Send Me, I’ll Go“. In it he says “We have downgraded the deity of Christ. When He is no longer Lord but friend you will treat Him as such.” But as Americanized Christians, we don’t want to be subjected to a higher power. Especially when we call ourselves grown the first chance we get – we don’t want to still have to listen (and be obedient to) an authoritative figure. We want to have control over our lives and have God clean up the areas where we mess up.

But Jesus said in one of His parable illustrations in Luke 6:46 “Why do you keep calling me Lord, Lord, when you don’t do what I say?”

When we go against what the word of God say – we are showing God He is not our Lord. When we know we heard God say “end this” or “start this” or “go this way” or “do that” and don’t do it – we are showing God He is not our Lord. When we subject ourselves to everything other than spending time with God – we are showing God He is not our Lord.

Yes, we let everything rule over us except Who we profess as our Lord. By what we do, we show God what is truly lord of our lives – what takes up our time, efforts and energy. Our jobs are our lords. Our marriages are our lords. Our children are our lords. Our organizations are our lords. Our activities are our lords. Our pastors are our lords. Our friends are our lords. Our family are our lords. Our TVs are our lords. Our interests are our lords.  Whatever takes up our time, the time that we can give to God, is our lord!

It’s been time to get serious about God. What will you put down as your lord so you can submit to the true Lord and Savior today? He’s awaiting for obedient followers.

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