Mad For Righteousness Sake

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

When Jesus flipped tables and drove out sellers in the temple at a time approaching Passover, He had a righteous anger. (You can read the story here in John and here in Matthew.)

He was upset because the people turned God’s house into a place of business instead of keeping it for it’s purpose as holy grounds – a place of prayer. Some scholars say that as the time was approaching for Passover, the sellers were taking advantage of foreign people by marketing items, then upselling them to guests of the city, who didn’t know any better.

When you are mad for holiness sake – you have a righteous anger. Just like Jesus.

There are several things God hates. Yes, there are flaws and circumstances that God hates. As we move into an age where God is only perceived as “love” – God is the Lion and the Lamb and it’s interchangeable. God hates sin. God does not hate the sinner, but God hates sin. God hates anything unrighteous. He hates sin. Some characteristics of unrighteousness is defined in a nutshell as evil doings and wickedness. In studying wickedness, I found that wickedness means “a mental disregard for justice, righteousness, truth, honor, virtue; evil in thought and life; depravity; sinfulness; criminality.” When you practice injustice, immorality, selfishness, untruthfulness and evil – that’s a sin God detest. Even with the bible verses, God hates the heart that devises evil and schemes – so yes, God even intentionally inspects the heart of people.

When you catch up and hold on to God’s vision for humanity and why God does not like certain things, you too can have a righteousness anger. You get mad at what God gets mad at. You stand up for truth and righteousness. You want to take a stand for the voiceless in suppression and abuse. You want to stand up to unloving and harsh people. You get angry for unjust killings and shootings. You get angry – and anger can be a good thing developed in the right way.

I believe because God gave us the emotion of anger, it can give you that push into your purpose if you are bold enough to stand up against the wickedness of the world. For instance a brave woman who got enough of the sexual exploitation in Hollywood – created the #MeToo movement, which has helped and healed millions of women and men who finally gave a voice to their fear.  When you are moved in anger for righteousness, God will give you the power and means to create that anger and use it to further the Kingdom and His will.

In the Word, God said, “Be angry and do not sin”. Which implies that anger will be present, but warns to still live righteously in spite of your anger. Being blunt, your anger shouldn’t harden your heart to cause you to sin. Just like the founder of the #MeToo movement, she could have sinned (got even by however means) with her abuser because of her anger. But she didn’t. She allowed her voice to be a pathway for other voices to come to the knowledge “No, this isn’t right. I shouldn’t be silenced.”

When I evaluated my anger recently, I said to God “God, I am angry but it’s because I live for righteousness – and I hate unrighteousness and evil! I hate satan and his demons running around. I get angry when I see them prevailing!” I felt like Jesus – seeing all of what was going on and ask how dare someone exploit what is holy? Treat it as nothing? Live and devise evil in their hearts? Commit their life to God but keep living and blending in with the world? Giving unbelievers a false advertisement about God? Self-made religions and doctrines? Loving what is evil? Hating what is good? How dare someone treat a holy God like this?

God reminded me in my times of anger that although I have a holy frustration, do not let it hinder my forward progression. He also said to me:

  1. Allow your anger to fuel your ministry, compassion and purpose

  2. Do not worry about unrighteousness

  3. Evil does not win when it seems like it is

  4. Seek Me for healing

  5. Pray and bless your enemies and the enemies of the world

  6. Repent because you are a sinner too

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When we latch on to righteous vision, you get angry when parts of the vision gets tainted and you want to do something about it. I have a habit of carrying weights not designed for me to carry. God told me to stay in my lane and calm down because everything is still in His hands, no matter how angry I get. Some bad things have to happen to fulfil prophecy in the world and in our own individual lives. God gives us anger to move our butts in the righteous direction. God also observes our frustrations as caring about His true Word and being a true disciple. God says, let your righteous anger move you into the purpose for your life. It’ll be the fuel you need.

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