Marriage Like Gardening? 15 Tips to Help Both

When you realize that tending to your garden is just like tending to you marriage.

I had a realization a couple of months ago as I was watering my plants this second year of my beginners gardening - God spoke to me the correlation of marriage and gardening. And the next few weeks He kept talking.

So here are the 15 Tips to Help Your Garden and Marriage Grow:

  1. Know what doesn't work

  2. Don't start doing too much

  3. Seeds need room to grow

  4. It's an every day thing

  5. Loving words help

  6. Some seeds take a bit longer than others

  7. Stop comparing

  8. Different seasons, different seedlings

  9. Don't leave your garden unattended

  10. Prune the dead leaves

  11. Research how to take care

  12. Use Holy Spirits guidance

  13. It takes work to bring any garden back to life

  14. You gotta plant what you want to eat

  15. Your spouse is your garden (and you are theirs)

I explain more here in my 16 minute YouTube. Check it out and enjoy!

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