May I Random?

The ‘Rules Don’t Apply to Me’ Club. And where can I get the membership to this club? Somebody please teach me the secret code!

What I can’t stand probably the most in my years of life, are the people who have human skin, human eyes, ears, nose, feet, yet they feel above the law of the human race?

Yesterday I was driving home and we was at a 4 way stop sign. I was 3 cars away from the intersection. And when it was my streets turn to go, 2 cars went through the stop sign. One (red car) was supposed to go and one (black car) was supposed to wait. And that actually bothered me. It bothered me because it’s like a slap in the face to us ‘regular folks’. Why black car, you don’t feel it necessary that you have to stop at a stop sign and wait until your turn? Black car, what makes you feel that you are above the law and don’t have to wait? Black car, why don’t you think it is necessary for rules to apply to you? Black car, why do you feel it necessary to be above the law in little Dunwoody GA? Lol. Like ‘imma show these Dunwoodyers how it’s done!’ … all to not go nowhere because he was still behind red car.

My attitude and frustrations reminds me of Dr. Lee on the movie ‘Drumline’ asking “WHY DO WE REHEARSE?” It’s going back to the question ‘Why are there traffic rules and regulations? Why are there STOP and YEILD signs? Traffic lights?’ What do rules do for drivers? Allow safe road conditions that are driveable for drivers. If we all don’t follow rules, then fast cars would run into slow cars, we’d be hit on every side in intersections, we wouldn’t have lanes… I mean really?! Right?

Just a rant, Sorry!

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