Michael Brown

Unarmed black teen gunned down by a police officer in St Louis. Just Another story of how injustice prevails the American Society.

Justice for Mike

Just looking at this, it has been a rash of innocent killings  of young black people lately. I mean I know, injustice started way before most of us was born, but it seems so prominent lately.

Yeah, it makes me angry. Yes it makes me upset. Yes, It sometimes make me feel a certain way about the opposing race. Yeah, it does.

But still, all the hoop and hollering that is going on, what are we to do? What is is that we CAN do? Violent protest, silent protest, letters, and the media almost won’t silence the hatred in people’s hearts. People are going to do what they feel without no regard.

Its time to wake up people, and see the world we really live in. While we are praying after said things happen, we need to pray EVERY DAY, because in every day moments, scenes like Michael Brown happen. Scenes like Trayvon happen. Scenes like Michael Dunn happen. It’s in the every day routine we need to pray more. Pray for the leaders of the country, that you put your trust in to do what is right. Pray for the leaders of your city, that they will be able to be the voice you don’t have. Pray for those who are suppose to protect and serve you. Pray that their heart and mind are in the right place everyday to protect and serve you. Pray for the sanity and discipline of such officials.

If we really want to ‘be about it’ instead of ‘talking about it’, try help funding the NAACP or other organizations that are trying to help bring the justice that we are seeking. Try starting a march or a petition. Yeah, we post, spread the word, share IG and FB pictures, but to be about the cause, we have to do more.

#RIPMichael ~ may your death help bring awareness that racism still does exist

#trayvonmartin #StLouis #injustice #racisim #justiceforMichaelBrown #MichaelBrown #Ferguson #MichaelDunn

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