New Year, Old You … though…

Updated: Dec 31, 2019


It’s going to take more than just talk to see the fruits of your new years resolutions this year… as Heather Lindsey posted on social media Just because the new year changed, doesn’t mean you did.

I get it completely! A new year simply equates to a fresher start, that’s why it’s easier to make goals – because it’s more likely you’ll achieve them. A new year creates a ‘newness’ in the air – a freshness in your spirit. A new year symbolizes the old year (old chapter) is now tucked away in the attic of your memory. Your new plans can begin to eat healthier, exercise more, love better, cut unnecessary people out of your life – whatever you planned to do this year I hope you remember – it starts with a renewed mind.

Going into a new year with an old (former) mentality, you will have the same year you did last year, and the years before – with another resolution at the end of the year to “do better”. Sadly, your cycle, then, repeats.

But it doesn’t have to! Many of us choose to have the same year as we did in the past because we didn’t have the:

Obedience to carry our plans out!

Discipline to carry our plans out!

Sacrifice to carry our plans out!

Intent to carry our plans out!

I also want to share that even though we have plans in our life, our ultimate GPS is God directing our path and ordering our steps! We don’t seek Him first – yet we tell him our plans. Prov 16:9 reads (VOICE): “People do their best in making plans for their lives, but the Eternal one guides each step.” 

Let me help you put 2 & 2 together:

Through Him, seeking Him and only HIM, I believe that we learn the character of obedience, discipline, sacrifice and intent. He helps us in these areas as we submit our life to Him. Without God in the midst, we tire ourselves out trying to accomplish goals and chase material things. Without Christ in our lives, we live a mediocre life – living day to day. We are born again through Jesus – so we become new! Old things (old character, old ways, old thinking, old mannerisms, old connections) pass away – your former self (and former ways) go away – FOR GOOD!

Get the “New You” started by:

  1. Repenting of your past sins, asking God for forgiveness and living a repentive life (a life that’s constantly asking yourself What Would Jesus Do?)

  2. Sign up for a daily devotional to help you with your bible reading – and get a bible you can comprehend

  3. Write down your goals and visions for 2016 and create a vision boardto reflect it – sit it up somewhere noticeable so you can see it everyday

  4. Do something every day that gets you closer to your goal/s (if you have multiple goals do something geared towards one goal each day)

With this said – pursing Christ (pursing Him & His ways) will allow you to be a better person and will also allow this 2016 to be truly a ‘new’ year.

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