On Assignment

“The Lord wants to reveal Himself to others through you.” As I read these words in a daily ministry, I revert back to hearing from my pastor about people being assigned to us spiritually.

And as ambassadors for Christ, we shouldn’t take lightly our walk of salvation. We are totally on a mission to telling and showing others ‘the way’ to Christ. There are those who have more ‘fire’ than some, there are those who have more ‘relatable’ appeal, and there are those who are more gentler than others; but however God uses us, we are all on assignment! (I.E. You may draw them in Christ with your ‘relatable approach’. Someone may water them with the ‘fiery’ approach. And someone else may keep them with the ‘gentle approach.’ How I think of it anyway.)

There are people who are assigned specifically to each one of us, to pull them in or to help water their grass… and they are watching and looking to see if what us, Christians, are living ‘is real’.


Our job is to plant the seed, or water the seed of Jesus Christ in their lives, and the evidence thereof. Their job is to either receive it or not. With this said, there are certain people who will see Christ, only through you – not through a pastor, not through church, not through grandma ‘nem, BUT THROUGH YOU! There are people who will never step foot in a church, but Jesus has His mighty way of still getting to even those individuals.

This is through YOU, and only you. Whether it be family, a friend, a co-worker, a neighbor, organization member, or whomever – the onlookers in your life are really seeing if your living is matching up with the God you are talking about! Assignments are given because, as I said, there are people who will only see Christ through you! (So be very mindful not to lose your witness!) As well as, there are those who want to see the true God! There are those who are accustomed to the God that is very angry, wants to punish us each and every day, and that doesn’t want us to enjoy the life He has given us! (For instance, I grew up in a very strict household with strict rules. I thought God didn’t want us to have fun. There were so many rules, and anything we wanted to do that was ‘fun’ we are going to hell because of it.) I thought to live a Christ filled life, we had to be in prayer and tarry all day, go to all the church services and the only channel we could watch was TBN! I used to think every time I would answer someone’s question, it would be in scripture form.

This was the way so many people were taught, thus having a misconception about our Holy God! No wonder people respond ‘no thanks’ to going to church, or into ministry or even being a disciple for Him… because our witness, and the previous teaching about God, is and was so wrong to the unbelieving spirit, but yet want them to jump on board?

That is why our witness is so important when we are on assignment for Him. Besides the obvious fact, those who are our assignment has to see some type of transparency in us, they have to see the real God. One that loves them still when they mess up, The One that is merciful and gracious. One that gave His Son only to show grace, and so when we die, we can have this eternal life of royalty at His throne. The One that gave His Son, so we have the gift repentance to get right with Him! The One that has a plan for each individual. The One that works all things for the good. The One that delights in those who delights in Him. The One that is close to them. The One that never leaves them. The One that is faithful. The One that was, is, and will be. They want to see this God!

Matthew 5:14-16, Jesus told the crowd on the mountain about your light:

(MSG) “Here’s another way to put it: You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world. God is not a secret to be kept… By opening up to others, you’ll prompt people to open up with God, this generous Father in heaven.”

By showing our onlookers this absolute beautiful way of living, they will see that their chaotic lives can be as beautiful too! That they can have a hope! And as the scripture say, you will prompt people to now honor God with their own lives! How can they see light in you? In situations that are pressing, show peace. In difficult situations, show faith. In mourning situations, show joy. In unlovable circumstances, show love. In injustice, show goodness. In provoked situations, show tact. In things that are hard to understand, show patience. In irritable situations, show calm. In wrong situations, show right. With rude people, show grace. With dishonest people, show honesty and integrity. In hardships, show endurance. In all situations have a hopeful, loving, and prayerful spirit.

People who doubt who God is, NEED to see this! They need to see a better and safer life than what they are used to, and what they are accustomed to knowing! He wants you to be the one to show there is a different life. He want you to be the one to show him there are women of virtue out there. He wants you to be the one to show her all guys are NOT the same. He wants you to be the one to show there can be a peaceful spirit in the time of death. He wants you to be the one to show there are men and women in the body of Christ who are still genuine about others. He wants you to be the one to show there are bosses that aren’t self absorbed. He wants you to be the one to show that you can have ‘a life of fun’ and still be a Christian. He wants to reveal Himself in all situations, through you.

Yes you!  Don’t lose the assignment getting lost in yourself! It’s so much bigger than us, as I say always.

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