One Thing Remains

About two years ago, my first lady at my church was leading the worship team and it just so happened that she began to sing “One Thing Remains” by Jesus Culture. Also two years ago I just broken up with my, then, boyfriend and I was in shambles. So that Sunday I was still in shock of it all, however I didn’t let my face portray how much my spirit was crushed. I remember her words as if it was yesterday, and as she began to worship in the song – God spoke through her as she said “It doesn’t matter who left! It doesn’t matter who counted you out, or pushed you to the side! Jesus love ALWAYS remains… it never fails and it never gives up on you, it never runs out! When people give up, God doesn’t!”

I couldn’t hold my emotions anymore and streams of tears began to run down my face. Right then and there. As she continued to sing, the song ministered to my heart. What I once forgot about God, I was reminded that His Love Never Fails.

As I listened to my worship YouTube channel this morning, Jesus Culture begin to play – and I was reminded of that day for some reason. I look back. Maybe I made an idol out of my relationship? Maybe I tried to make sure I did everything he wanted me to instead of what He wanted me to? Maybe I was still trying to build a relationship instead of allowing God to do it? As a single Christian, I was trying to please God but I also wanted companionship and I longed to be loved. So maybe I took my relationship a little bit more seriously than God? Maybe.

From that, I learned there is such a blessing in first having a grounded relationship with Christ. Not a superficial one, but a real relationship with Jesus. The one that you can’t get enough of talking to Him throughout the day, or feeling empty when you miss your prayer time. The benefit of knowing who God is will let you know that He is higher than the mountains that you face, stronger than the power or the grave, constant through the trial and the change. You will know that His love never fails, it never gives up and never runs out on you.


Unlike how I was two years ago, you won’t be moved by who leaves you because your trust will be in God and not the actions of man. I constantly remind myself “People will fail you” – intentionally or not – because people are made of flesh. (We all tend to go by emotions, our own logic, and own ways of thinking sometimes – because we are all flesh.) But know that God is the only one who remains constant through the highs and lows of life, the ups and downs and through the surprises. God doesn’t quit when others seem to. God understands when others just don’t get it. God remains steadfast even when we  waver.

He is just that good. He remains.

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