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Updated: Aug 19

I really hate to waste an entire jar of marinara or spaghetti sauce for one dish (unless it's spaghetti). My family size is 2, who don't have very big appetites.

So this past week, I had to get a little creative in deciding what we were going to eat for our dinners. Monday, we always grab something out because of her dance schedule. However, the other days, I needed some ideas and I was too lazy to go through Pinterest in that moment.

Because I meal prep a week in advance, I had to check what was already there. I had some fresh veggies I wanted to puree in marinara sauce. I had an extra garlic bread pack given from our nearby grocery store during one of my pick ups last week. So I decided the first dish would be garlic toast pizzas. But then I thought, what else can I make? Then it dawned on me - we haven't had chicken parmesan in a while! That would be the second dish idea! However, I still had a little more to make one more dish, and of course I am not trying to waste a half a jar. I looked in the cupboards and saw this bowtie pasta never opened. Third dish - pasta marinara! A favorite for children and a meatless meal.

The main ingredient was a garlic marinara sauce. I chopped and pureed some carrots, zucchini and squash together into an orange blend. I mixed in with the marinara and stored it in a container for the week. And best of all - my daughter tasted the marinara by itself and she loved it - veggie infused and all!

So here are the dishes that saves a ton of time, and condenses one ingredient into 3 different meals.

Garlic Toast Pizzas

Chicken Parmesan

Classic Pasta Marinara

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