Personally, the I am feeling the weight of the world right now. I have been having to hold my tongue about so many things recently, and it’s like God I know you call me to have a gentle spirit, holding on to what is only good, and letting go of what is negative. But in those moments, when it seems like the kindness is being drowned out, tempers flare and assumptions start to run, I am quick to ‘forget’ what I am called to do.

In so many different directions, life is pulling me that is work related, business related, relationships and ministry, sometimes it’s hard to even have a quiet moment of silence just to hold my peace. Its always something to do or somewhere to go. The stress of all is weighing heavy on me and my ultimate happiness. Not only those, but its the things that I have to take care of that requires money – money that is yet in my bank account. My 5 foot 2 self, just can’t really take anymore. When times get hard, no one to talk or run to, it’s just me and Jesus. I saw this prayer the other day on Pintrest, and I really want to memorize it, because it seems like I need to recite it a couple of times each day:


That’s why when I first heard the Erica Campbell and Lecrae “Help”, I immediately fell in love with song. It’s bitter sweet to know that people look at you and think you have it all together, but you really don’t have it all together, so then there is another stressor: to still try to be that expectation. Like, really, today I asked Lord, what have I done to someone? Because it seem like I am getting some type of backlash from it all! I really don’t know which way to go, or turn. I don’t want to make sudden moves.

Little do I forget sometimes, I am really human and don’t have supernatural powers.


There is a supernatural God that I have taken a vow to. And as a child of God, I am so happy that I can call on Him, when the weight is getting to unbearable. And I have asked Him to HELP! Psalms 55:22 says to cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you, He will never let the righteous be shaken! So I thank God for His Word, that is true. That He will never let me be shaken or moved. This verse says that as I am giving my cares to Him, He will sustain me. Sustain meaning to strengthen or support physically and / or mentally. Meaning to comfort, to help, to assist, to support, to give strength to, to cheer up, to carry. Thank you God! There is help when I need it! Thank you God for sustaining me in a crazy and stressful world! Thank you God for carrying me! Thank you God for understanding my struggles. Thank you God for giving me strength through it all! Thank you God for your support!

The Holy Spirit was moving today, because just in time, the daily devotional from Joel Osteen to my email read Psalms 32:8 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go. I will counsel you with my loving eye. Even when He is sustaining us through, when we don’t know what way to go, what to do, what’s the first step… He promises to instruct us on what to do, where to go, and plans our next step. He plans so we won’t have to. That’s is why I always ask in my prayers now Lord, I invite the Holy Spirit to walk with me today because He makes the right decisions for me so I won’t have to wonder and worry about my next step.

I appreciate Him so much for even taking the time to listen to lil’ ol’ me. I definitely don’t want to pester God, always complaining to Him about my life because that in turn that tells Him I am not satisfied with what He has already given me! No, I don’t want to do that.  But I do have the confidence and know God is a worker on behalf of us. He moves on our behalf so we don’t have to. He helps us take care of what He has already blessed us with. He guides us  through what He’s already given. In my recent prayers to Him, Lord I Need Your Help I am confident He hears, and is already working. And as I draw closer, He will reveal in time.



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