Pressing Into Prayer

Recently I learned that if you don't feel like praying - you can press into prayer mode. And I literally mean press.

I feel like I am supposed to want to pray all the time but truth is, I don't. My prayer time is normally set for night. (Maybe that's why.) But, nighttime is the time I have to myself as a mom - after daughter is tucked away and sound sleep.

After purchasing the best prayer journal for myself, I really felt that I got on track with praying. In it I listed all prayers pertaining to me, others and the country. I started off good, however, the prayers started to get a little mediocre. I started to get really convicted.

I mean, God isn't mediocre with me - so I shouldn't be when communicating with Him through prayer.

So one night, rather than going with my first urge to get in bed and watch Netflix, I got on my knees and just began with a Hallelujah. From there it just went. It kept going and going and going - next thing I know I gave God a great conversation and a powerful prayer.

MORAL: you will not always want to but you will always need to. I admit, I do not have the perfect prayer life. But every time I do pray, I feel replenished and eager for the next session. God showed me one morning there is a need to be covered everyday in prayer. I stress need.

See prayer is preventive. You know how you go to the dentist every 6 months out of the year for a teeth cleaning for preventive measures? Prayer is like that. As Gods people we have to get out of the habit of praying when the damage is done in our lives, and pray as a covering and preventive measure for our lives. God deserves it, more than we realize.

Next time there is a bit of hesitation with praying, remember to press.

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