Roasted Sausage and Veggies

Ever since I found out about this recipe, I make it for my meal prep lunches almost every month! It’s easy, delicious and nutritious!

My recipe calls for two store bought seasoning packets: ranch and Italian. these are two of my favorite recipe secrets!

I hope you enjoy!


One roll of sausage (pork, beef, turkey or chicken)

One fresh broccoli crown

Half pack of baby carrots or three carrot stalks

One yellow onion

(Optional, two sweet potatoes)

Pack or ranch seasoning

Pack of Italian Seasoning


  1. Preheat oven 400 degrees

  2. Line Aluminum foil in large baking pan

  3. Spray your choice cooking oil to coat aluminum foil

  4. Unpack sausage, rinse and cut into tiny pieces, place in 1st section of baking

  5. Peel off top layer of onion. Cut off top and root of onion. Cut remaining onion in half, then into fours. Place in next section of baking pan

  6. Rinse broccoli and cut crowns into smaller crowns and place on baking pan.

  7. Unpack baby carrots, rise, and place on baking sheet OR peel skin from carrot stalk and cut into smaller pieces and place on baking pan

  8. OPTIONAL: rinse and Peel sweet potato skin from sweet potatoes. Cut sweet potatoes into circles: then cut circles in half and place into last reminding sections of baking pan

  9. Drizzle Olive Oil on veggies and sausage

  10. Sprinkle half pack of ranch seasoning onto veggies and sausage

  11. Sprinkle half pack of Italian seasoning onto veggies and sausage

  12. Place pan into mid rack in oven and roast for 20 minutes

  13. After 20 minutes take pan out of oven. Let cool & serve!

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