Self Sacrificial Leadership

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Who doesn’t love Chick-fil-a?

Aside from the fact their customer service is excellent and their food taste like it was made with love – Chick-fil-a in my book rates above any other fast food restaurant. To be honest, it rates in my opinion above any sit-down restaurant as well. I mean, their drive thru process is so amazing, you leave very lifted as you drive off.

Well, on this rainy morning it was no exception. Before heading to work one morning, I stopped through the drive thru of a particular Chick-fil-a restaurant. As I pulled around I noticed the manager of that restaurant, on that shift, was outside.

I had to capture this moment on my phone. I looked around – no employees were outside at all – except this man running food to cars. In the rain. I just thought to myself, this is probably the best example of servitude, no matter what your position is, you are always called to serve.


Leadership is more than being the boss of people – it actually requires work. To have effective leadership skills, and for followers to trust your leadership, you must in turn be willing to do what you require others to do. You must not simply tell others to do “this and that”, you must show by example you doing “this and that”.

I had to put myself in the shoes of an employee who worked that particular shift at Chick-fil-a. If he asked me to work outside with him that day or in the future, I would know that he is also willing to go through messy places with me. I would know that he, himself, would do what he asked me to do. I would know that he is willing to roll up his sleeve and work – not sit in his office and demand me to.

The traits of a bad leader: Pride, arrogance, selfish, demeaning. When leaders exalt themselves to be higher than any other –it’s a poor representation of true leadership and really an abuse of power. From my understanding, and the big scope of things, we are all called to serve, and serve self sacrificially. Jesus even said He came down, not to be served, but to be of service to others. With wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit, we are able to lead how God intended for us to lead. In our homes, in our work, in our families, in our church.

James 4:10 “Humble yourselves in the Lord’s presence. Then He will give you a high position.” NOG translation

Leaders understand the brand of what / who they represent. So they attach themselves to that particular vision. So by any means, they do what is necessary to complete it by giving up themselves (self-sacrifice) to show their followers what and how it should be done. The most effective leaders have been a follower, once or twice, before.

Say, for instance, I wanted to apply for a leadership position – however I never worked in any position for that particular company. So, just say, I wanted to be a manager of a restaurant, but never was a server, never was a cook, never was a hostess. It would be hard to be considered because I wouldn’t understand all that was entailed for leading those positions. So if I received said manager role, I would not have “understanding” for my employees, and could not give them grace when needed. It would also be hard for me to put myself in their shoes when I needed to fulfill a role.

You cannot jump into leading when you haven’t served, when you don’t have the capacity to serve and when you ultimately think serving is beneath you.

So lets recap for those in leading roles: lead by example, lead by service, lead by humility.

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